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Article: How to Wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie


If you still think that every hat will look ridiculous on your head and that there is no fashionable solution to protect your head and ears during freezing temperatures, we are here to prove that you are undoubtedly wrong. Beanies are our answer to the most essential question in the winter: how to stay warm and keep it stylish. Beanies are a trendy wardrobe staple that you shouldn’t underestimate. Even though you might have tried some variations and you didn’t like your reflection in the mirror, the problem was most likely not in a hat but in a way of wearing and styling a beanie. There are so many different ways of wearing the same beanie, but there are also many different types of beanies that may fit or not depending on the shape of your face, the length of your hair, your personal style, etc. Most likely, you haven’t thought of these options before, so we are here to upgrade your style and make you stay toasty while being fashionable. Let’s discover the mysterious world of beanies and find out how to wear them properly!

Types of beanies

 Originally, the name “beanie” came from the slang word "bean," which means head or brain. These headwear started its journey in the US in the twentieth century, when dockworkers began to wear fisherman beanies to protect themselves from cold while working. Approximately during the same period, navy sailors also wore similar watch caps while keeping watch overnight. But since then, the usage of this type of hat has greatly increased, and it has found its way into high fashion trends. Can we imagine the winter season without a beanie in the newest collections nowadays? Hardly.

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But when we are talking about beanies, we should specify which particular type we are referring to, as long as there are quite a few and they have specific features that actually may influence the look a lot. Some of those types are perfect for men with long hair; some will highlight the facial features; but wrongly picked beanie can spoil everything. So let’s define who is who here and make sure that you’ll choose the perfect one to boost your winter outfit.

Cuffed beanie

The most trendy and versatile type of beanie, it features a brimmed cuff that can be adjusted. You may fold the cuff over the ears for extra warmth or vary the width as you wish.

Cuffless beanie

A tight-fitting beanie without a cuff or extra material, also sometimes called a skullcap, as it mimics the shape of the head due to its tightness.

Fisherman beanie

Also called short beanie, this type of headwear is one of the most popular nowadays and even associated with “hipster style," although it’s much more than this. It got its name as it was inspired by the headwear worn by the dockworkers and fishermen, and the main feature of this beanie is its length—it sits on top of your head and doesn’t cover your ears. Yes, it is a modish variation and will surely enhance your look, but its protective abilities are quite doubtful.

Earflap beanie

This type features extra fabric that extends over the ears for additional coverage. Usually, these flaps can be either tied under the chin to keep the ears warm or on top of the hat if there is no need for extra protection. The most famous styles include the Sherpa hat and the Russian ushanka.

Novelty beanie

This is the beanie that features logos or slogans on its forehead or back side. These are quite popular in street style and urban fashion and are considered to be bold contemporary accessories.

Bobble beanie

Also known as a pom-pom hat, features a fur or knit pom-pom attached to the top of the hat. There is a legend that tells us that these bobbles were used on top of the sailors’ hats to protect their heads from banging into things. Truth or not, nowadays these useless pom-poms look cool enough to wear them even without any functionality.

Slouchy beanie

These are loose-fitting beanies that are worn at the top of the ears and have extra material that snuggles down at the back of your head. Usually, they don’t have cuffs and are worn by hipsters and fashion enthusiasts who prefer laid-back, relaxed styling.

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Another important differentiation is the material of the beanie. Each material has its pros and cons, and we should be aware of them when choosing the right hat for ourselves.

Wool beanies

The most common material, as it has lots of advantages like natural water resistance, moisture wicking, and breathability. Also, it provides a great deal of warmth while being durable. And there is this special Merino wool, which is also very soft and itch-free.

Synthetic beanies

Not as comfortable as the natural material, although it has some benefits as well. Synthetic is resistant to abrasion and wrinkles, so it doesn’t matter how chaotic you keep your beanie — it will look as good as new. Also, these types are mostly lightweight, quick-drying, and, we should say, cheap.

Cotton beanies

Another natural soft material with itch-free qualities. It is highly breathable and durable, and less likely to stretch out and become saggy.

Choose a beanie based on the shape of your face

It might seem unimportant, but your face type is quite essential if you want to find yourself a beanie that will highlight your features and look modish. There are two main variations, and by defining them, you will get much closer to the beanie of your dreams.

Round or square face

The point is that if the width and length of your face are almost the same, your best go would be a cuffed plain beanie that will not cover your whole forehead and ears. This technique will visually elongate your face and add a touch of modernity to your overall look.

Oval face

If your face is oval, you may consider yourself a lucky man, as every type of beanie is going to fit your face. You may experiment with shapes, colors, and materials and look great. Don’t forget to match your headwear with the rest of the outfit and enjoy your dazzling appearance.

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Choose a beanie based on the hair style

But not only is the shape of your face crucial when choosing the right beanie, but the length of your hair is also important to define the type, color, and texture of your future accessory. Don’t worry, we have the solution for any of your hair styles!

Long hair

Long hair among men is a newly established trend that we see more and more on the runways and among celebrities. It is cool, but it has to be cared for, especially during cold seasons. The best way to wear an uncuffed beanie with long and medium-long hair is to put it halfway on the forehead and hide some hair inside of it. Don’t hide everything, as it might look good on the sides while framing the face.

Curly hair

A loose-fitting cuffed beanie will work the best. Don’t hide your curls under it, but let them out to the sides to frame your face.

Short hair

If you have no hair to frame your face with, go for a tight-fitting beanie. If you are up for a more joyful and stylish look, try the pom-pom one. Don’t wear chunky beanies, as they will look disproportionate to your face and make it smaller.

Bald or shaved head

Fisherman beanie is your best choice ever! It is tight and warm, so it will keep your head well-proportioned and warm.

Facial hair

Guys who decided to wear a beard and mustache, did you know that you made your face as versatile as it could possibly be? You are able to wear any type of beanie — from tight fisherman to slouchy ones. Match them with your outfit and follow your unique style.

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Our beanie styles selection

Now that you know basically everything about beanies and their advantages and secrets, we are going to show you some concrete examples of well-shaped, high-quality beanies from the top designers. We are accurately curating our accessory collections, so below you will find our most trendy and versatile pieces that are waiting to become a part of your life and protect you from cold temperatures.

Ribbed beanie from Holzweiler

Made from premium wool, this Ribbed beanie LOUNGE is breathable and thermoregulating to allow you to feel comfortable if you are leading an active lifestyle. The versatile black color will match any of your outfits, and the trendy fisherman cuffed shape is going to enhance your fashionable look.

Knit wool beanie from Aeronautica Militare

This ribbed knit wool beanie has a very special dark olive green color that can match some particular styles and outfits in the same hue palette. The small leather patch on the side of the hat is a neat detail that helps this piece stand out and become unique. You can wear it as a single-cuffed or fisherman and enjoy the warmth and itchy-free qualities of the wool.

Black wool beanie from Aeronautica Militare 

Same shape as the previous one, but in a black shade Knit wool beanie . It makes it more versatile for combining with casual or formal attire. Also, it can be worn as a single-cuffed or fisherman depending on what style you prefer and which mood suits you most. This piece, which looks great with puffers and wool coats, will be your go-to for everyday wear.

Washed-effect wool sweater

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Light-wash slim-fit jeans

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Cashmere beanie from Johnstons of Elgin

Featuring a versatile design, this Unisex ribbed cashmere hat can be worn as a traditional one-cuffed beanie or rolled up further to create a fashionable and trendy look. Soft and warm due to the high-quality cashmere, this beanie will surely upgrade your seasonal clothing. Not to mention the exquisite tan hue that is considered to be a sign of a perfect taste.

Wool blend beanie from Johnstons of Elgin 

A cozy Wool blend ribbed hat features fisherman style and is made from a premium blend of wool and cashmere to provide great insulation for your head. Its dark gray color is as versatile as it is trendy. The small logo patch on the side is giving a specific touch to the piece, and as a result, the whole outfit is going to look special. Pair it with some cool glasses to achieve an even higher level of fashionable styling.

Dark blue ribbed beanie from Johnston of Elgin

The same model as the previous one, but this wool blend ribbed hat features a deep dark blue color that will make a nice match with your dark-hued outfits. All blacks, grays, and blues will look great with this accessory. But if you want to play on the contrasts, you may wear this beanie with a camel coat and tan suede boots. Such a trendy color combination will make you look fashion-forward and truly dazzling.

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Black beanie with patch from Aeronautica Militare

This novelty reflect-patch beanie stands out because of its circular iridescent patch on the front turn-up. Made from a synthetic blend, this piece is lightweight, quick-drying, and resistant to wrinkles. Versatile and minimalistic, it can become a part of numerous stylish combos.


From history to particular examples, we made a long but exciting journey through the world of beanie hats. We hope that this knowledge and tips are going to help you choose, wear, and style your ideal beanie. Follow fashion trends, but keep your individuality. We are always here to cover your… head.