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We're on the hunt for talented people to join #BBTeam

Join Our Family

BEIGE | BROWN is a leading fashion retail company established in Estonia in 2020 and represented by online and offline stores. We are rapidly growing due to our exceptional talent in sensing fashion trends and helping reveal the unique identity of the modern customer.

We are delighted to deliver fashion-forward and long-lasting pieces to our clients. We choose the most ambitious and innovative brands to provide their unique fashion products through our platforms.

We aim to seamlessly blend the online and offline shopping experiences and create a supportive and user-friendly online and in-store environment. To be easily accessible, visible, and progressive, we constantly develop our performance, expand our list of partners, and seek new ways to set reality in tune with style.

As a growing fashion company, we constantly search for talented and experienced people to join our #BB family. Each team member makes a valuable contribution to the company’s overall performance and boosts our ascent to a higher level. 

Become a part of our fashion-forward and open-minded professional crew, creating a sustainable and supportive environment for everyone to express their unique individuality through fashionable garments effortlessly.


Competitive Salary

Earn a competitive salary complemented with our bonus system. We encourage and reward our employees for outstanding contributions to our company according to their KPIs and overall performance.

Workplace Policy

We combine remote and on-site activities to increase efficiency, reduce commute time, and establish a healthy work-life balance. A full-time, 5-day working schedule with flexible timing allows us to achieve high productivity levels and decrease stressful factors.

Generous Vacation & Leave

Recharge with 21 calendar days of annual leave, ensuring you return refreshed and revitalized. You can divide these days throughout the year or take one long-lasting vacation.

Career Growth & Development

We provide the professional development of our employees if we consider it necessary to upgrade their qualifications and expand their skills. We are ready to offer specialized advanced training, participation in professional conferences, job-related events, and educational courses to prospective team members who have proven their ambitious and hard-working nature and dedication to their professional field and our company.

Work-life Balance

We are aware that a good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, like stress reduction, a lower risk of burnout, and a better sense of well-being. We combine remote work with on-site activities and don’t thoroughly monitor the working hours, allowing you to decide when, where, and how to work to achieve efficiency and save more energy for professional and personal relations.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We aim to create a positively inclusive culture for everyone, so we hire employees from various geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. We believe that openness to DEI widens access to the best talent and allows for effective employee engagement, which leads to enhanced innovation, creativity, and productivity.

Open vacancies


Full-time // Remote work

Experienced Digital Marketing Manager, we are searching for you! If you are qualified in E-commerce and Fashion retail, can implement various digital marketing strategies to achieve your goals, and are knowledgeable about the latest trends, we welcome you to join our BB team!


Full-time // Remote work

Due to the extension of our marketing team, we are hiring an Email Marketing Specialist skilled in planning and implementing strategic scenarios for email and SMS campaigns. We need your knowledge in creating, managing, and performing an email marketing content plan and in analyzing its performance. Are you inspired by the newest marketing tactics and innovative ideas? Then apply today and develop with our creative marketing team!


Full-time // Remote work

Our team is searching for a Junior Product Manager knowledgeable in market research and analysis to identify customer trends and preferences and contribute to defining product requirements and features. If you have experience in this field and want to join our friendly team, please don't hesitate to apply.


Full-time // Hybrid work // Estonia, tallinn

Our team is searching for an experienced PR Specialist to manage our media relations and public communications. You will plan and manage the company’s events, promotional activities, campaign launches, and influencers’ cooperation. If these tasks sound exciting to you and you know how to rock them, apply now, and let’s get the party started!