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Article: How To Wear A Cashmere Sweater

How To Wear A Cashmere Sweater

How To Wear A Cashmere Sweater


Originating in the Indian mountains of Kashmir, this specific fabric that we now call cashmere has come a long way to be well-known and eagerly wanted worldwide. Cashmere sweaters, trousers, jumpsuits, accessories — nowadays, you can find literally any piece of clothing crafted from this luxurious fabric, which is not surprising due to its exceptional qualities like incomparable softness and resistance to time. In this article, we will discuss how to style a cashmere sweater and when to wear it, as this versatile closet staple deserves to be explored individually. Even though you might not have many different pieces in your wardrobe, the great thing about cashmere is that it can be styled in numerous ways for multiple occasions, so with only one sweater, you can play and create an endless number of various looks. The main idea here is to be inventive! Allow yourself to experiment with colors, textures, and details. Don’t be afraid that cashmere may not suit the look, as it can suit whatever look you want to create. From casual to business-like, these sweaters fit perfectly in all the styles you can imagine. Although you have to pay attention to the color palette and texture combinations, we are sure that with our advice, you will make a dazzling cashmere outfit!

Highneck cashmere sweater HEIDI BLENDER

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Knitted balaclava JACKIE

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Why choose cashmere

Cashmere is a fabric crafted from an undercoat of silky hair from goats living mainly in Mongolia and the heights of Ladakh and Tibet. The undercoat of these goats is developed in winter, so usually, the cashmere season starts in spring. It requires specific weaving technology and a lot of skill to produce such a fabric, which is why cashmere is usually a bit costly. However, the result is more than satisfying.

It is soft, warm, and incredibly comfortable — these are cashmere's main and most noticeable qualities, but it is much more than this. Its thermoregulatory properties keep you warm during the winter but can also cool you down during the summer due to its breathability. Of course, not all the cashmere can be worn on hot days. Various types of yarn define how the piece can be used and when. These types don’t represent the quality of the yarn but only its thickness and weight.

They start with the 2-thread type, which is the most versatile, lightweight, and thin. 2-thread cashmere sweaters you can wear all year round; they will keep you warm and not get too hot under the sun. You will also encounter 4, 8, 12, and 14-thread types, which are thicker and warmer. So, choose your piece depending on the weather conditions you must fight and your preferences.

Another undeniable advantage of this material is its resistance to time. Yes, you can wear cashmere year after year, and it will not fade, stretch out, or break. But you have to take proper care of your clothing — wash and maintain it with suitable detergents, and keep the water temperature at a maximum of 30 degrees. Don’t forget to turn your clothes inside out before washing them. Also, at some point, you will notice pilling that will appear here or there. Don’t panic; it can be removed easily with an anti-pilling razor or cashmere comb. Take care of your cashmere, and it will take care of you for ages.

Sometimes cashmere is compared with wool, and despite many similarities, they have one significant difference: cashmere doesn’t contain lanolin. Lanolin is the wool grease secreted by the sheep glands, known as an allergen, so many people simply cannot wear wool because of this one component. Luckily, cashmere is hypoallergenic and completely unscretchy, so people allergic to wool have a decent substitute.

Rollneck cashmere sweater IDA

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Fine knit skirt KATIE

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How to style a cashmere sweater: 10 outfit ideas

Now that we have proved the versatility and essentiality of cashmere pieces in our wardrobe, let’s get to the point: how do we style them in winter or warm spring days? How do you mix a cashmere sweater without effort but still look fashion-forward? How do you fit the same sweater in different combinations and make the most of it?

Honestly speaking, it is not as complicated as it seems. There are some general “rules” of proportions, like if your top is voluminous, try to keep your bottom slim, and vice versa. But these rules were made to break them. For example, you can easily combine oversized tops with bulky bottoms in modern street-style outfits. The relaxed fit of the clothes is generally trendy these seasons, so you shouldn’t be afraid of roomie things; they will add a contemporary flair to your attire. However, if you are a fan of slim fit, you can find some skinny pullovers to highlight your feminine curves. Both variations are worth checking out and can be used for various events. Relaxed shapes are more appropriate for casual everyday go-tos, while slim fits look great in business-like outfits and evening festive garments. We hope our sweater outfit ideas will inspire you to create astonishing new looks, and you will have fun creating them. Use your favorite pieces or expand your wardrobe with new lovely staples — you will never regret having more cashmere items in your possession. This investment will bring you joy and enhance your outfits through the years, not to mention how toasty and cozy it will make you feel! So, let’s have a look at our modish cashmere combinations and make this winter-spring season of 2024 comfy and pleasing.

Double breasted wool coat

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Highneck cashmere sweater HEIDI

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Relaxed-fit pullover with a midi skirt

Cashmere on cashmere is a no-fail choice for any occasion. The slightly voluminous shape of the relaxed-fit roundneck pullover is enhanced by the quite slim Cashmere boucle skirt KAEL, and together they follow the general proportion rule. The neutral hues of these pieces perfectly fit each other and can be layered with both light and dark coats and shoes. If you are searching for an effortlessly chic and comfy outfit, this one definitely should be considered. You can wear it for both work meetings and outings with friends, as it is super versatile and comfortable.

Cashmere top with a wool blazer

Cashmere and wool have a similar texture and can be worn together to provide extra warmth. A Roundneck fine-knit top ROWEN from Lisa Yang is a must in-between if you need a basic and warm longsleeve. Mixed with the exquisite tie-front wool blazer from Erika Cavallini, this simple top becomes part of a unique combo. The elegant cut of the blazer gives a hint of sophistication and extravaganza to the look. So, if you’re looking for something special, be sure to check it out.

Highneck pullover with cargo jeans

Cashmere with denim is a classic combination to create a laid-back contemporary look and keep yourself comfy. The versatile highneck relaxed-fit pullover is an essential wardrobe staple; its neutral color and roomie shape allow you to mix it with any bottom you prefer. We suggest you try combining it with Wide-leg cargo jeans MINKA, which are comfortable enough to make you feel cozy. Layer this combo with a wool coat or a puffer if the weather calls for it, and pair it with your favorite sneakers and a beanie to achieve extra comfort.

Striped relax-fit pullover

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Cargo cotton trousers GINERVA

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Turtleneck sweater with a leather skirt 

Cashmere and leather create an excellent texture combination that looks elegant and daring. A plain turtleneck cashmere sweater and bold button-detail leather skirt build an outfit with contrasts that always look interesting and fashion-forward. The trendy high-waist slim-fit silhouette of the skirt is supported by the slim turtleneck, and together they visually elongate the figure.

Roundneck cardigan with skinny jeans 

Gray top and black bottom - a classic combination to rock your everyday errands, office meetings, or friends’ outings. A basic roundneck cashmere cardigan with a straight fit complemented by mid-rise skinny jeans rocket ankle is a great example of incorporating a thin cashmere piece into your everyday wardrobe. This outfit can work for a warm spring or be layered with a coat and worn during the winter.

Highneck sweater over a knitted dress 

Have you ever tried wearing a sweater over a dress? If not, we highly recommend trying it on! The gray highneck cashmere sweater heidi thrown over the gray knitted cashmere dress allows you to create a stylish monochromatic and minimalistic look to rock the streets. This outfit will be perfect for winter evenings, combined with high boots and an oversized wool coat. But if the weather allows you to wear it on its own, enjoy your classy appearance. 

Single-sleeve cashmere top FORREST

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Cashmere wide-leg trousers SOFI

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Stitch cardigan with wide suit trousers

Light hues — fresh look! If you want to start this spring with joy and style, these pieces are exactly what you need. A contrast stitch cardigan joline made from premium cashmere will add elegance and an ethnic touch to your outfit. Meanwhile, wool wide suit trousers from House of Dagmar continue the laid-back theme, leaving the main accent to the cardigan. With such a look, you are by no means going to stun!

Crewneck pullover with a knit scarf

If you want to double your warmth and coziness level, simply use a crewneck cashmere pullover with a Knit cashmere scarf PARIS. Camel and gray hues work well together, allowing you to add any bottom — dark or light. Need even more warmth? Throw a wool coat over your shoulders and put on a nice neat beanie, and you are all set!

Button-up cashmere cardigan with high fur-lined sneakers

If you were wondering what kind of shoes will go well with your button-up cashmere cardigan, have a look at the high High fur-lined sneakers MARAN FLASH. Add a pair of light denim or wool trousers to this mix, and enjoy this fresh outfit. Warm up with a puffer or a suitable jacket for colder days, and give it a try as it is during the warm days.

Crewneck cashmere sweater RENSKE

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Wide straight jeans FLORENCE

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Loose-fit pullover with broken waistband jeans

Another laid-back, relaxed, and super fresh combination is a mockneck loose-fit pullover with broken waistband jeans. They both have distinctive shapes, and together they fit into a very particular look. If you are up for experimenting with exciting designs, try these two unique models and add a beanie or an oversized scarf for extra protection. However, they will rock this spring when the temperatures rise, and bulky coats will not be needed.

We hope our small tour around the cashmere world was exciting and inspiring for you. We tried to discover not only its material advantages but also its styling potential. If you are looking for a warm closet staple to invest in, don’t hesitate to choose a cashmere one. It will bring you warmth and joy and will stay with you forever!