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Short double jacketShort double jacket
Short double jacket Sale price€378,00 Regular price€620,00
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Brushed alpaca topBrushed alpaca top
Brushed alpaca top Sale price€146,00 Regular price€240,00
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Wide suit trousersWide suit trousers
Wide suit trousers Sale price€213,50 Regular price€300,00
Sold out
Contrast wool jacketContrast wool jacket
Contrast wool jacket Sale price€405,00 Regular price€570,00
Merino turtleneck topMerino turtleneck top
Merino turtleneck top Sale price€179,00 Regular price€252,00
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Oversized double coatOversized double coat
Oversized double coat Sale price€1.100,00
Stitched crewneck pulloverStitched crewneck pullover
Stitched crewneck pullover Sale price€201,00 Regular price€282,00
Straight-leg jeansStraight-leg jeans
Straight-leg jeans Sale price€178,00 Regular price€250,00
Mouline knit pulloverMouline knit pullover
Mouline knit pullover Sale price€235,00 Regular price€330,00
Ribbed cardigan JASMINRibbed cardigan JASMIN
Ribbed cardigan JASMIN Sale priceFrom €168,00 Regular price€336,00
Cross-back ribbed top MARIONCross-back ribbed top MARION
Cross-back ribbed top MARION Sale priceFrom €108,00 Regular price€216,00
High-waist ribbed trousers PENELOPEHigh-waist ribbed trousers PENELOPE
High-waist ribbed trousers PENELOPE Sale priceFrom €186,00 Regular price€372,00
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Cardigan HOUSE OF DAGMARPuff-sleeve cardigan MEGAN
Puff-sleeve cardigan MEGAN Sale priceFrom €240,00 Regular price€480,00
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Ribbed knit wool dress CARLARibbed knit wool dress CARLA
Ribbed knit wool dress CARLA Sale priceFrom €210,00 Regular price€420,00
Highneck ribbed top RONNIEHighneck ribbed top RONNIE
Highneck ribbed top RONNIE Sale priceFrom €95,00 Regular price€190,00
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Tailored high-waisted shorts MALINTailored high-waisted shorts MALIN
Tailored high-waisted shorts MALIN Sale priceFrom €140,00 Regular price€280,00
High-waist cropped trousers SANDRAHigh-waist cropped trousers SANDRA
High-waist cropped trousers SANDRA Sale priceFrom €168,00 Regular price€336,00
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Flared midi skirt MALENAFlared midi skirt HOUSE OF DAGMAR
Flared midi skirt MALENA Sale priceFrom €186,00 Regular price€366,00
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Oversized cotton shirt GINACotton shirt HOUSE OF DAGMAR
Oversized cotton shirt GINA Sale priceFrom €115,00 Regular price€230,00
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Knit wool-blend top TANIAKnit wool-blend top TANIA
Knit wool-blend top TANIA Sale price€135,00 Regular price€270,00
Sculpted tube topSculpted tube top
Sculpted tube top Sale price€145,00 Regular price€290,00
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Oversize flowy shirtOversize flowy shirt
Oversize flowy shirt Sale price€205,00 Regular price€410,00
Metallic knit dressMetallic knit dress
Metallic knit dress Sale price€235,00 Regular price€470,00
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Flowy trousersFlowy trousers
Flowy trousers Sale price€130,00 Regular price€260,00
Mini strap dressMini strap dress
Mini strap dress Sale price€215,00 Regular price€420,00
Cable knit crewneck sweaterCable knit crewneck sweater
Cable knit crewneck sweater Sale price€175,00 Regular price€350,00
Straight-fit leather trousersStraight-fit leather trousers
Straight-fit leather trousers Sale price€432,00 Regular price€720,00
Brushed alpaca knitBrushed alpaca knit
Brushed alpaca knit Sale price€215,00 Regular price€430,00
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Button-detail leather skirtButton-detail leather skirt
Button-detail leather skirt Sale price€408,00 Regular price€670,00
Oversize doublé coatOversize doublé coat
Oversize doublé coat Sale price€770,00 Regular price€1.100,00
Belted relaxed coat CAMERONBelted relaxed coat CAMERON
Belted relaxed coat CAMERON Sale price€455,00 Regular price€680,00
Wool roundneck sweater MAZZYWool roundneck sweater MAZZY
Wool roundneck sweater MAZZY Sale price€277,50 Regular price€390,00
Textured wide-sleeve cardigan LINNTextured wide-sleeve cardigan LINN
Textured wide-sleeve cardigan LINN Sale price€310,00 Regular price€516,00
Double-breasted wool coat ANISSADouble-breasted wool coat ANISSA
Double-breasted wool coat ANISSA Sale price€455,00 Regular price€690,00
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Chunky fringed scarf ANISEChunky fringed scarf ANISE
Chunky fringed scarf ANISE Sale price€112,00 Regular price€222,00
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Chunky fringed scarf ANISE
Chunky fringed scarf ANISE Sale price€225,70
Alpaca blend coat ANITAAlpaca blend coat ANITA
Alpaca blend coat ANITA Sale price€732,00 Regular price€1.200,00
High-rise straight trousers ROMYHigh-rise straight trousers ROMY
High-rise straight trousers ROMY Sale price€170,00 Regular price€336,00
Striped long-sleeve top ELLYStriped long-sleeve top ELLY
Striped long-sleeve top ELLY Sale price€118,00 Regular price€168,00
Oversize wool shirt jacket DAKOTAOversize wool shirt jacket DAKOTA
Oversize wool shirt jacket DAKOTA Sale price€324,00 Regular price€810,00
V-neck woven blouse LOV-neck woven blouse LO
V-neck woven blouse LO Sale price€174,00 Regular price€342,00