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Article: 18 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

18 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

18 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends


The winter season is about to end, and despite our endless love for layering, long scarves, and cozy arm warmers, we are happy to get rid of heavy coats and thick sweaters to expose the skin to the sun at last. While we are still in the midseason area, we decided to prepare for the upcoming one in advance — explore the fashion world and discover the latest tendencies and relevant spring/summer 2024 fashion trends. Based on our meticulous research, we have for you good news and, well, more good news. Firstly, you likely already have some pieces from the trends list. So now our job is to help you unravel them among your clothing and help you find the ones that are lacking. The last step would be to style them according to the latest fashion world rules, and voila, your looks are ready for the first pages of Glamour. Secondly, the upcoming season will break many stereotypes and bring a new vision to old-school stuff. We’ll have plenty of room to experiment with common clothes — combine skirts with trousers, oversized blazers with super short shorts, sheer fabric with glitter—and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to dive into this exciting journey with us? SS2024 fashion trends, here we are!

Snow White

While we say goodbye to the snow, its color will stay with us for at least one more season. Yes, white is on fire. Numerous crispy, pure white dresses, suits, trousers, and skirts were represented on the latest fashion shows by the most influential brands in the most unusual way. The main idea here is to play with textures and shapes. For example, it may be a laser-cut white dress with an ornamental sculptured relief. Or a “uniform” sharp suit with a short-sleeved shirt and wide-legged pants. A trendy combination would be a plain dress with waves of micro-fringe on the hem. So as you can see here, your only limit is your imagination.

At BEIGE | BROWN, we also have a nice, trendy piece to recommend: a Bow-detailing Long-sleeve Dress by Erika Cavallini. It features a minimal, sharp silhouette with cuts on the cuffs (which is another trend we’ll mention further) and a neat bow on a plunging neckline.

Sheer Fabric

Let your body be free with this flawless trend! Sheer, mesh, transparent — despite the name you choose, the idea will remain the same — we need to see through your clothes. It may sound a little daring, well, it indeed is, but trends in women’s clothing often cross boundaries. Although some brands went radical and completely “undressed” their models, others kept it more wearable and casual. If you are one of the radicals, try wearing a skintight mesh top that exposes your beauty. Or you may give it a more delicate look by throwing an oversized leather jacket over the sheer top. A white transparent blouse, neat and polished, can also work, though to make it a part of your office look, you should consider wearing a bra underneath.

In our collection, we have a mesh-knit piece from Tiger of Sweden that is not as bold but discreet and casual—a Short-sleeve Poloneck Top Cedrik RWS. This top is not only sheer but also polo-neck, and guess what — polo is on our spring/summer styles trends list too.

Shine Bright 

Who said that glittering was only for holidays? No, no, and no — keep your shiny clothes ready for the upcoming season, as all types of metallics are in trend! Touches of gold and silver, sequins, lurex — whatever shiny fabrics you have — will do. An excellent ensemble may feature a sculpted silver sleeveless top with a sheer fringed silver skirt. Four trends in one piece—that's wow! You may find multiple shiny casual dress options, like the Metallic Knit Dress from House of Dagmar from our collection, however, it's not only gold and silver that can shine. We also have a stunning emerald-green sparkling model — the Knitted Midi Dress Poppie from the new collection of Tiger of Sweden.

First Flowers

Let the first flowers of spring appear in your outfit! Though the floral theme is not such an unexpected trend for the spring/summer season, it has some specifications. The first flower we should opt for is a rose. Roses can be of any kind — printed, sculptured, or even real ones. But if, for some reason, roses do not satisfy your aesthetic feelings, you may choose something more pastoral with an abstract floral ornament. We have such a piece in our collection — Floral Printed Linen Blouse from 120% Lino is a casual option for this spring/summer closet. Decorated with elasticized cuffs and a self-tie V-neckline, this blouse is the perfect top for your romantic or everyday outfits.

Shorts Have to Be Short

And by saying short, we mean extremely, almost underwear-short. Tight, sexy pieces are in style, and to make them work with any weather, we suggest using tights and high boots. But what about the runways? We spotted a monochrome suit-like look with an oversized blazer that goes below the short hemline. Another exciting idea was to combine a multicolored jacket with monochrome super-short shorts. Some brands added a casual vibe to their looks by mixing shorts with relaxed sweatshirts in the same hue palette. If you opt for more informal variations, we recommend looking at the denim High-rise Shorts Dee from Agolde. The light wash and unworked hem make them look old-school in a trendy way. Another light and bright option is the Elasticated-waist Linen shorts from Beige Brown. Mostly considered beachwear, this pair can also be successfully mixed for an urban street-style look.

Popped Polo Collar

May sound a bit boring; polo shirts are not such a big deal, but proper styling makes the difference. Look at outfits with vibrant summer camp stylistics — they combine polos with shorts and mini-skirts in relaxed-fit ensembles. To go further, search for dresses with added polo collars; we have to admit, they look stunning and businessy.

Surely, we also have polo shirts in our collection. For example, Embroidered Poloneck Blouse and Ribbed Knit Polo Top by Erika Cavallini. These pieces are ideal in-betweens for all your styling experiments. However, if you opt for something edgier, have a look at a mesh Cable Knit Top from House of Dagmar. A sheer top with a polo neck is a double win.

Oversized Suits 

The bigger the better — that is a motto for tailored suits this season, and we are glad that formal attire is getting, let’s say, less formal and more comfy. For example, take jackets and trenches that are so bulky that they double your true size. A pretty peculiar look with a square oversized blazer and elongated sleeves can be a fashion-forward option. We also spotted a significant oversized jumpsuit on the runway with sharp shoulders, a belted waist, and a loose fit. It created a unique shape, not to mention that it was crispy white.

We encounter classy, oversized tailoring in many of the latest collections, and House of Dagmar is no exception. The Classic linen blazer combined with Wide suit linen trousers is an ideal ensemble to dazzle this season. And their white Oversized Blazer can become an excellent finish for the white dress we’ve mentioned before.

Drop Waist 

Elongated torsos are returning to spring/summer fashion thanks to many trend-setting brands. Some experiment with figure-hugging tops attached to pleated flowing skirts; others lower their jacket belts to their low thighs. Many maxi-skirts were made to be as low as it is yet not falling, which is also true for pants. Low-waist Jeans Fusion from Agolde are a typical representative of this trend. Roomy, light-washed, and versatile, such a pair will be your closet must for the upcoming season.


Presented in the late '50s, slingbacks became quite popular and could be seen on the feet of every fashion lover, though since then, the trend has lost its prominence for a long while before being revived, as you've probably guessed, now! Elegant low-heeled slingbacks with pointy toes, sleek and sculpted pairs, flat sandal designs. Variations are endless, but we think that flat slingbacks are the coolest. Have a look at the Woven Slingback Sandals Barana from Hereu and consider adding such a comfy pair to your everyday wardrobe.

High Waist

It might be confusing; we just said that drop waist is in trend, but as a matter of fact, both raises appeared on the runways. We spotted some radical examples of high-rise pants pulled up almost to the breast level. Other outfits featured baggy trousers belted just around the waist letting the upper part of the pants loose above the belt. Among many others, Agolde also crafted high-rise jeans for the upcoming season. The most interesting styles of their arrivals are Criss cross jeans and Broken waistband jeans. As practical as regular pairs, these jeans possess contemporary boldness.

Oversized Bags 

Probably each woman has a situation once in a while when she just needs to put all her life into one bag, isn’t that so? Luckily, it isn’t embarrassing anymore, as these megabags are now officially trending. Many trend-setting brands pleased bag-addicted women by adding huge oversized bags to their latest collections. And if you still don’t own one of those, we highly recommend you go for it. Hereu has some casual models you could use for everyday outings. Check out the Canvas Tote Bag Cala or the Tote bag Calella Raffia.

Skirts over Trousers

This trend appeared on the fashion scene mostly thanks to Copenhagen Fashion Week, as lots of Scandinavian designers experimented with layering in their looks. Some gave an extravagant vision of this trend by putting a top and a skirt on the ankle-length dress. Others mixed a sequin skirt with baggy jeans. Even high-fashion runways presented classy dresses over the trousers looks. In our new arrivals from Lisa Yang, we also discovered some well-matching pieces, like Cashmere Relaxed Trousers Marlo with Cashmere maxi skirt Elin. Apart from a skirt, trousers Marlo could also combine well with long cashmere dresses.

Suits with Shorts

This is something unusual, something those of us who have a 9-to-5 life have been craving for so long. Tailored suits are no longer strict and sharp when combining blazers with matching shorts. Numerous brands presented these fashion-forward looks for the upcoming season, and we can follow their example without hesitation. However, be careful when wearing these suits to your critical business meetings, as some bosses might not follow recent changes in the fashion world. As an example of a matching combination, we suggest a Contrast wool jacket and Striped silk shorts from House of Dagmar.

Elevated Sportswear

Comfy clothing is not only for the gym, as we can see from the latest fashion trends. Loungewear and sportswear tended to appear here and there all the time, but never more than now. Sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, and track tops — we are forecasting that this trend will be one of the most successful ones, as it is exceptionally comfortable to wear your sportswear all day long. Aeronautica Militare is also good at making comfy sportswear, like Embroidered sweatshirts & pants sets. By the way, pink is still trendy too.


Started in the previous season, micro-fringe is coming to its peak in the upcoming one. And if the fringe was rougher before, for the spring/summer, it will be as thin and delicate as floss. Everything can be fringed, from coats to blouses. For instance, the coat’s bottom hem can be decorated with an ultra-fine fringe. Even the whole dress can be covered with long, thin threads; however, the fringed skirts and dresses’ bottom hems are the most common. House of Dagmar recreated a casual variation of this flawless trend in a Fringe skirt. A black midi with long, fine threads on the bottom hem can become a lovely addition to your seasonal wardrobe.



Holes, slashes, cutouts — many brands presented pieces with this “come undone” vibe. From thin slashes in the middle of the top to multiple cuts per piece, you may slash your old dress too to bring a fresh appearance to the old stuff, but we don’t suggest you rush the situation. Better find one already made, like this Cut-out poplin dress by Erika Cavallini. It looks very formal from the front but has a lovely cut on the back. Another piece worth mentioning is the Ribbed top with a round neckline and bare shoulders. It doesn’t have holes in the fabric, but the shape of the upper part is also considered a specific cutout.

Shoulder Bags 90’ Style

Minimal shoulder bags from the 90's have returned to the runways and, as a result, to our wardrobes. From clutches to crossbody bags, we now have plenty of old-school options that don’t look vintage any more. Inspired by all those designs, Hereu made its significant Flat square crossbody bag Trena and Square-flat Crossbody bag. Versatile and casual, these bags are trendy everyday options to mix with formal and laid-back attire.

Sculptural Volumes

To impress with their skills to manually sculpt the fabric into flawless, voluminous forms, prominent designers started to create their most significant and stunning pieces. Some of them made their dresses look like they were made of metal sheets. Others designed asymmetrical dresses composed of scraps of fabric. House of Dagmar played with voluminous fabric folds, as you can see in this Sculpted tube top. Sculpted rigid silhouettes, like in this Mini strap dress also from House of Dagmar, show another side of this trend, which can be seen in multiple runway looks.

So, how’s the journey? Are you excited to add all these treasures to your spring/summer closet? Are you ready to impress with your fashion-forward looks?

We hope our article was inspiring and you look forward to putting into practice all the secrets and styling tips. Good luck with that, and we wish you plenty of groundbreaking ideas!