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Article: How to Pick the Best Winter Coat

How to Pick the Best Winter Coat

How to Pick the Best Winter Coat


What a winter without a proper winter coat! Cold can ruin all the joy from the long walks with friends in the park, and uncomfortable attire can make your outings a nightmare. We don’t notice how important and precious winter outfits are for us, but they can actually improve our winter experience as well as make it a complete disaster. Considering this simple truth, picking a winter coat is a significant step, and you shouldn’t underestimate its essential qualities. But what are the best winter coats for men? How warm should they be? Which material is the best? Should it be waterproof or breathable? Apart from these qualities, there are also many different styles of coats — from trenches to puffers — and to choose the one that will perfectly fulfill your needs, you should have a closer look at their pros and cons. So let’s check them out and figure out what your best winter coat is!

How to Pick a Warm Winter Coat or a Jacket

To pick a coat that will work for you in the best way, you should consider some essential factors like climate, average weather conditions, level of precipitation, wind strength, etc. Also, you should consider your personal preferences and purpose of usage. Hiking jackets and urban parkas are both good, but for different purposes. So you should define the main cause of your garment to make the right choice. And of course, don’t forget to follow your unique style.

Different types of coats for various weather conditions

Let’s browse through some major types of winter outerwear to give you a general idea of what they are and for which conditions they serve the most. We hope this list will help you determine the best coat to enhance your style.

Puffer jacket

Functionality mixed with versatility and a great deal of warmth is what makes puffers so commonly used and loved by fashion lovers. And yes, fashion enthusiasts know that despite the stereotype of bulkiness and shapelessness of puffers, they can be as stylish and attractive as any classy coat. Thanks to the numerous prominent designers and their efforts in making puffers a stylish piece of clothing, we now have endless trendy variations. They differ in materials, shapes, length, colors, insulation, and so on. If you're looking for contemporary, sporty design, puffer is the first in the line to look at.

Trench coat

Originally designed to keep the British army warm and dry in the trenches of World War I, these coats have found their way to the list of the most fashionable closet staples as they look elegant and provide enough warmth to handle almost any unpleasant weather conditions. Nowadays, they can be made from any material, from cotton to waterproof Gore-tex, and can have any cuts, fits, and lengths to satisfy any picky fashionista.


Also known as overcoat, great coat, balmacaan, or chesterfield. Each of these varies slightly, but they all share common characteristics: they are long and tailored from a warm, dense fabric — usually wool or cashmere. If you are up for business-like elegance but also want to keep yourself toasty, that’s your option.

Duffle coat

A very particular type of coat with a heavy melton wool body and specific toggle closures. Originally one of the most loved pieces of British outerwear, it has now been worn all over the world. Style it properly with a simple turtleneck and wide trousers, and you will have the most authentic, trendy British look.


The warmest and toughest version of winter outerwear, parkas were made to conquer the most severe weather conditions. They are usually long, hooded, and almost unbreakable, as they are created to resist water, wind, rips, and other types of damage. But nowadays, parkas also come in lighter versions, with less filling and a lighter outer material. And as to the style, you shouldn’t think that parkas are the last resort for the unbearable weather. They are able to elevate your winter outfits as well as your chicest wool coats.


Usually made with a dense, thick Melton wool fabric, this coat has good wind-resistance ability. They are double-breasted with a relaxed fit and sit just below the buttocks. Classy staple that will enhance any chic attire.

Car coat

Long, roomy coats with drape-y silhouettes, usually made of wool. These pieces will surely add a vintage touch to your winter outfit.

Camel coat

Originated as a literal camel’s wool coat, this style has now become more synonymous with the light tan color of the garment. If you are up to stand out from the crowd of black and gray coats, that’s your chance to make the point. This golden hue will enhance your appearance. It is a sophisticated and luxurious option for a winter outfit.


If your winter is not that harsh, you might be able to go for a raincoat as your primary outerwear staple. It actually is a pretty broad category where you can find various cuts and fits, from trench-like-shaped products to sporty lightweight hooded jackets.

Bomber jackets

Also known as flight jackets, were originally invented to keep pilots from freezing at high altitudes. They might seem light and doubtfully warm, but you should trust their heating abilities. They are so much more than they appear to be. Also, bombers are in trend and will upgrade your winter wardrobe to a new fashion level.

Fleece jacket

This jacket is considered to be a fluffy and cozy version of the wool coat. Provides the same amount of warmth but is easier to wear, clean, and style. It can be paired with puffers, classy coats, or used as outerwear itself.

Waxed jacket

Waxed cotton hunting jackets feature an unusual ability — the longer and harder you wear them, the better they look. They can be fleece-lined for extra warmth or suped up with detachable linings, making them versatile and appropriate for multiple seasons.

What to consider before choosing a winter coat

Apart from types, coats vary in other essential qualities like waterproofness, breathability, warmth, length, etc. Depending on the region and weather conditions, you should pick the coat that will ideally fit your needs.


For coats that have filling, you may define the fill power, which will help you understand the level of warmth the coat will provide. Usually, 800 fill power is strong enough to bear freezing cold temperatures, so if your winter is mild, you may not need it to be so warm.


If your winter is wet, make sure that your coat has a protective waterproof layer. It can be a synthetic, durable water repellent coating or a waxed treatment.


Will be useful if you are experiencing strong wind gusts and cold blows throughout your winter season.


If your life is active enough that you sweat under your outerwear in winter, you must look for a breathable coat. Sweat trapped under your coat can lead to hypothermia.


If you need to cover most of your body from rain or snow, choose a long parka, trench, or raincoat. But for more mild conditions and a stylish appearance, go for the short or even cropped version.

Size and weight

Wool coats are usually more heavy than puffers, although they look more chic and laconic. So here you have to decide what you need more — easy-to-transport, lightweight, and comfortable puffer or a classy but heavy double-breasted wool coat.

Fabric and insulation

As to the fabric, there are many different options for materials, but some are most commonly used.

Wool or wool blend

As a rule of thumb, used for classy and elegant coats. Wool is a good insulator as it is and doesn’t require an additional lining or insulation layer inside the outerwear.

Synthetic fibers

Usually polyester or nylon. Used for parkas, puffers, raincoats, and other versatile and durable outerwear to keep you toasty despite the unpleasant weather conditions.


Also an option if your winter is quite mild. Fleece is fluffy, comfy, and can be an appropriate outer layer for late autumn or early spring.

Insulation is the filling that your puffer jacket or parka has inside. The quality and type of filling determine your coat’s warmth, weight, and price. There are four major types:

Down filling

Made from duck or goose feathers, is very breathable, lightweight, and can be easily compressed.

Synthetic filling

May be a bit bulkier than feathers, but it is usually made from water-repellent fibers, meaning that the coat will dry out more quickly. It’s also cheaper than down.


Can be used as a natural insulating material, although it is heavier and doesn’t compress as well as down.


In some rare cases, you can find this insulator as well, but as wool, it doesn't compress and is not water-repellent.

Special features

Every jacket features some additional elements that may or may not be needed for your perfect piece. These are the most important ones:


Nowadays, almost all the hoods are removable, so you may detach them when the weather allows and be protected when it is needed. After all, head coverings are quite important for our health.


Winter coats always have pockets. They may be zippered, buttoned, or opened. They may also be on the sides, on the chest, on the sleeves, or hidden under the lining.


Your zipper should be durable and two-way. If your coat is long, a two-way zipper will allow you to make it roomier for sitting or a fast walk.

Wind flaps

They cover and protect the zipper from exposure to precipitation, extending the life of the zipper.

Faux-fur trim

May be a part of the hood or a removable lining. A stylish addition to your winter outerwear.

Drawstrings at the hemlines

Strings to customize the fit. They will allow you to pull your jacket tighter at the bottom, waistline, cuffs, and around your face.


10 Best Winter Coats and Jackets for Men


Now that you know almost everything about winter coats, their types, and qualities, we would love to give you some examples of the best men’s coats for this 2024 winter season. Dive into the list of fashionable comforts with us!

Single-breasted checked coat from Tiger of Sweden

This classy Single-breasted checked coat ELIIAS created from a premium cotton-wool blend, features sophisticated check print that has proved to be trendy throughout the years. Minimalistic and chic, this wardrobe staple is going to add an elegant touch to your winter outfit. Pair it with monochrome trousers or straight jeans, and add a pair of dark leather shoes to achieve the highest level of stylish comfort.

Quilted wool coat from Duno

A very versatile Quilted wool coat MAJORr allows you to transform it into a warmer version with a detachable bib in quilted technical fabric. Without this additional layer, this is a water-resistant wool coat with an elegant stand-up collar and knit detail on the inner cuff. A relaxed fit and simple silhouette are great bases for creating a stylish casual look.

Black down parka from Moose Knuckles 

This lightweight down parka pisquid will protect you from cold despite being lightweight and will keep you comfortable this winter. Featuring a hood with an adjustable bungee cord and an additional inner pillow collar, this piece is all about keeping you toasty and relaxed while conquering the unpleasant weather. Mix this coat with a pair of well-made hiking boots and a warm pair of trousers — and dismiss the cold!

Down jacket from Moose Knuckles 

Moose Knuckles definitely knows how to make their items warm, comfortable, and stylish. Down jacket VALLEYFIELD is a wardrobe staple to enhance any style or outfit and make you feel unbelievably cozy. It is roomy enough to have an oversized comfy sweater underneath, and a pair of wide pants would give an extra laid-back look to your attire.

Puffer jacket from Holzweiler

 Oversized and overstyled, this Down puffer jacket NARVIK is a contemporary answer to the classy wools and trenches. Grand and voluminous, this puffer was designed to astonish with its shape. If you are a fan of modern oversized models, you should definitely check it out.

Hooded parka from Moose Knuckles

Hooded down parka CLOUD is designed to be a versatile wardrobe staple and fit any style. Casual or business-like, you may find it fitting both with hoodies and suits. As it has great fill power, you may not need additional layers underneath your coat. Simply enjoy its minimalism and comfort.

Hooded down parka from Moose Knuckles 

Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, this hooded Hooded down parka FIREBAG will protect you from harsh weather due to its water-repellent and wind-resistant abilities. Featuring a detachable hood with fur trim, this coat can become your favorite this winter season.

Technical parka-transformer from Duno 

The unique piece — Technical quilted parka-transformer COSMOSs is a 3-in-1 parka that features a quilted interior down jacket that is removable with zipping and that can be worn separately. The synthetic wadding that pads the outer garment also provides good warmth even without the inner down jacket.

Packable down parka from Duno 

The warm Packable down parka HYPER ONE from Duno has every needed feature to become your best winter coat for this cold season. Unique hue, comfortable fit, neat shape, and great insulation quality — what else can be needed from decent outerwear?

Padded parka from Duno 

This Padded parka PLANET has a luxurious minimalistic design and is made from high-quality materials to become your long-lasting favorite wardrobe staple. Its camel hue will upgrade your style and add a note of elegant sophistication to your everyday outfit.


We hope that our list of men’s winter coats will help you choose the perfect one for yourself and add a bit of a polished touch to your winter outings. Be cool and stay warm!