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Article: How to Style Baggy Jeans

How to Style Baggy Jeans

How to Style Baggy Jeans


Baggy jeans are experiencing a resurgence in popularity this season, and they are set to become a staple in the wardrobes of fashion-forward individuals. Seen on runways and embraced by street style, these jeans are making a solid comeback, and if you haven't incorporated a stylish baggy jeans outfit into your summer wardrobe yet, you're missing out on a lot of fun.

In this article, we will delve into the essence of baggy jeans and present a range of contemporary baggy jeans outfit ideas that showcase the versatility of this trend. Ready or not, here we go!

What Are Baggy Jeans 

Jeans that are not tight-fitting or skinny are often referred to as baggy jeans. This category includes styles such as mom, boyfriend, loose-fit, and dad jeans. These types of pants are known for their relaxed and comfortable fit, typically featuring a looser cut and a straighter leg. Baggy jeans have gained popularity for their laid-back and effortless vibe, offering a refreshing departure from the snug and slim silhouettes of skinny jeans.

Best Types of Baggy Jeans

To better understand what to wear with baggy jeans, we should first determine the most common types and their features and benefits. Although the fashion world offers a multitude of options, four standout types are currently making waves in the trendsetting landscape.

Logo-embroidered ribbed top

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Low-rise baggy jeans FUSION

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Barrel-leg jeans have become the latest essential style, capturing the attention of the fashion world. Their distinctive wide-leg design, which narrows at the ankles, creates a uniquely appealing silhouette resembling a barrel. These jeans elongate the body's line from the waist to the ankles, resulting in the illusion of slimmer legs compared to traditional straight-leg or mom jeans. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals looking to highlight or conceal specific features, depending on how they are styled.


Straight baggy jeans are a timeless and versatile style that can flatter individuals of all body types and fashion inclinations. Featuring a straight leg, these jeans are available in a range of rises and lengths, making them suitable for a diverse range of preferences. The classic straight cut offers a dependable and stylish choice that complements any outfit, whether a professional or casual ensemble.


Wide-leg jeans are characterized by a loose fit in the legs. Unlike straight-leg or skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans have a tapered design that becomes progressively baggier towards the bottom. While there's no strict definition, jeans are generally considered wide-leg if the hem measures at least 20 inches. You can measure this by using a tape measure and running it across the bottom of one of the pant legs. If the measurement is 20 inches or wider, then they are likely wide-leg jeans.


Boyfriend jeans are designed to mimic the look of jeans borrowed from your boyfriend's closet. They have a loose, relaxed fit and a slightly oversized silhouette. These jeans usually sit just above the hips, fitting snugly around the buttocks before straightening out towards the ankles. They are perfect for creating a casual street-style look, offering both comfort and a fashionable vibe. 

V-neck waistcoat

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Relaxed baggy jeans AYLA

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9 Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas

Now, let's delve into the topic that has brought us together today: how to style baggy jeans. We've done our research on the latest trends and styles, so we can give you the hottest outfit ideas. Keep reading; it's going to be amazing!

Besides, if you're interested in learning how to style jeans of different cuts for any occasion, be sure to check out our blog post on the topic!

More Accessories 

When aiming for a modern yet understated look, consider accessorizing with belts, bags, and scarves. Start with a versatile base, such as the Relaxed baggy jeans Ayla by Citizens of Humanity, a classic blue pair that allows for a variety of styling options. Pair these jeans with the timeless Oversized cotton t-shirt, a summer essential that adds simplicity to the outfit. For footwear, we recommend the Hereu’s Woven slingback sandals Barana, which are perfect for a light and casual summer look. Don't forget to add the finishing touch with the Slim leather belt Geometia and a chic bag to carry your essentials. For reference, check out the Square-flat crossbody bag Terra canvas from Hereu’s summer collection.

Ultimate Layering 

Layering is always trendy, so you will never go wrong when putting on three-plus layers, especially denim ones. We’ve decided to experiment with white baggy jeans and started with the white pair of Relaxed baggy jeans Ayla. To highlight the hue, we’ve complemented the jeans with the white Shrunken denim jacket Charli by Agolde. Underneath, we wanted to add a neutral basic piece, so we chose the logo-embroidered ribbed top from Beige Brown. Its cream color reflects beige Lightweight suede sneakers Joshee by Voile Blanche. And the most important part—the last layer—can be a blazer, jacket, or coat of your choice, yet we decided to throw on the Short trench coat Eeve by Tiger of Sweden. Trenches are the ultimate solution, regardless of the season, right? 

Short trench coat EEVE

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Relaxed baggy jeans AYLA

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Pop of Color

As we’ve mentioned before, wide-leg jeans can also be considered a type of baggy, so we will build this look around the Wide-leg jeans Dame. We wanted to mix their dark blue color with a bright, breathable shirt, so we chose the Poplin sleeveless shirt by Erika Cavallini in a lemon shade. The combination of yellow and blue presents an excellent option for the summer season. To complement the outfit, we've selected the sleek Color-Block Sole Suede Sneakers Rush Low Top by Ghoud, featuring stylish mesh insertions. Ghoud is renowned for its expertise in creating urban footwear with a sophisticated design aesthetic that we absolutely love.

Shades of Grey 

Besides blue and white, grey is another neutral and versatile color of jeans you should not forget about. The Relaxed baggy jeans Ayla are also available in light grey, and this look we will style around this pair. Firstly, let’s pick a top with an elegant attitude. The Cashmere knit top Alicia by Lisa Yang is the perfect match for these jeans. On top, we wanted to add a classy blazer, so we took the Oversized suit blazer from the latest BB Capsule Collection. This blazer is designed in the unique beige-grey shade that we complement with the Metallic-effect loafers Juliol in moko hue. And as a finishing touch necessary for every businesswoman, we suggest the Leather-trimmed tote bag Calella Raffia that is big enough for all your valuables and essentials.

Floral Motives 

Baggy jeans might seem like an absolute anti-feminine piece of clothing, yet their vibe varies depending on the garments you are wearing them with. You can always add a bit more elegance to the summer baggy jeans outfit with floral themes in your tops. The Floral printed linen blouse, for example, is a good match for the Relaxed baggy jeans Ayla. It changes the perspective of the bold jeans into a laid-back and calm one. Such a casual look can be finished with Hereu’s Fisherman sandals Pesca, as flats are always a good idea for the summer season.

Elegant Touch

Whoever claimed that baggy jeans cannot exude elegance clearly has yet to experience the magic of pairing them with sophisticated tops. We decided to put this to the test, and the results were stunning! The Wide-leg jeans Dame were effortlessly paired with the Sleeveless draped top Odisia, which boasts a luxurious silky finish and graceful draping. This combination unexpectedly elevated the baggy jeans, bestowing upon them a dazzling allure of elegance. To complete the look, we added the final touch with the Leather clutch bag Citta, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the ensemble.

Rouched cotton blouse

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Wide-leg jeans DAME

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Laid-Back Attitude 

This look radiates a casual vibe from head to toe and is perfect for those of us who love to keep the style relaxed yet fashion-forward. The Low-rise baggy jeans Fusion from Agolde’s new collection are all about freedom of movement and an easy-going lifestyle. We’ve complemented the look with the Crochet polo neck top that can be put on top of a bra or any tank top, and the Band slippers designed in a fluffy shape. This outfit is my go-to for city living, striking the perfect balance between the fast-paced urban environment and a laid-back attitude.

Black and White

A classic combination of black top and white bottom also works well for outfits with baggy jeans. We've paired the white Relaxed baggy jeans Ayla with the Off-shoulder cashmere shirt Colleen, which exudes relaxed feminine vibes and adds a touch of elegance to baggy jeans. To support the black-and-white theme, we recommend the Cut-out leather bag Onada, which also possesses this monochrome mood. Use this look for everyday outings, and always be ready to turn heads.

Vacation Mood

And what a summer styling guide without a holiday beach outfit! Baggy jeans are perfect for vacations, as they are the most relaxed type of jeans ever known, so don’t hesitate to take them with you on your vacation. We’ve started this outfit with the Low-rise baggy jeans Fusion and matched them with the Striped crop top to elongate the silhouette and open the belly. The belly likes summer, doesn’t it? For the footwear, we’ve chosen the Chunky-sole leather flip-flop, which is, in our opinion, the best type of summer footwear for vacations. Plain, comfy, and breathable—what else do your feet need when it’s 35 degrees plus! Last but not least, the Canvas tote bag Cala is an ideal bag to put your swimsuit, towel, and bottle of water in and head to the beach with. 


So, which outfit are you taking on your vacation?