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Article: Best Summer Work Outfits for Women

Best Summer Work Outfits for Women

Best Summer Work Outfits for Women


Summer is calling! So, it's time to swap out your wardrobe for light, breathable clothing. However, when it comes to summer workwear, finding the right balance between maintaining a professional look and staying comfortable in the heat can be challenging. Should you cover your arms or opt for a shoulder-baring outfit? How long should your dress be, and are sandals appropriate for the workplace? In this article, we will delve into the world of summer work outfits for women, exploring how to maintain a professional appearance while incorporating stylish and weather-appropriate clothing into your wardrobe. Read further, and let’s find out which summer work clothes are trending this season.

How to Pick Summer Workwear 

Before we start putting together the perfect summer professional outfits for women, let's consider the essential elements to focus on. This includes the best fabrics to use, the winning color palette, and other important factors that we'll be discussing in this paragraph.

Breathe-Through Fabrics 

The most obvious yet most important thing to remember is to opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics for your summer office outfits. Materials like linen, cotton, and chambray are ideal choices for casual work outfits as they offer excellent breathability. Additionally, consider incorporating refined cashmere and wool blends, as these thin knitwear options provide natural breathability and versatility. For special occasions where you want to make a lasting impression, satin and viscose are also viable fabric choices.

Asymmetric cotton shirt

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Maxi skirt

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Discreet Color Palette

In most workplace settings, it's best to avoid wearing bold and vibrant outfits unless you are a CEO at a fashion magazine. It's advisable to choose clothing in more understated colors and ensure they coordinate well with each other. Instead of opting for stark contrasts, aim for subtle variations in your summer business casual wardrobe.

Appropriate Footwear 

While flip-flops are unsuitable for the office, you can choose from various stylish options, such as sandals, mules, loafers, elegant shoes, and even boots. It's crucial to ensure that your footwear is comfortable and that the heel height is moderate. You can also add a touch of flair to your casual work outfits with trendy textures and styles but remember to maintain a professional look.

Add Layers 

It's common to encounter situations where the outdoor weather is scorching, but indoors, the air conditioning is set to Arctic levels. So, how do you dress for this kind of unpredictable office environment? The solution lies in layering. Start with a lightweight base layer, such as a thin cashmere shirt or a cotton pullover, and then layer on top with vests, blazers, or jackets. This way, you can easily remove a layer if you start to feel too warm while still having extra warmth if the air conditioning becomes too chilly. The key is ensuring that the base and upper layers are office-friendly.

Personalize with Accessories 

To create genuinely fashionable women’s business attire, don't forget to incorporate accessories to add your personal flair to the ensemble. Whether you prefer wearing multiple rings or eye-catching bracelets, ensure they blend harmoniously with your summer casual work outfits, enhancing the overall look.

Classic linen blazer

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Linen wide suit trousers

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14 Summer Office Outfits

Crafting a polished and professional look that aligns with your workplace standards is a crucial task that should be considered. Feeling confident in your appearance can positively impact your performance. Although many perceive work attire as dull and lacking in style, we invite you to continue reading to discover the potential for stylish and sophisticated business attire.

Keep It Simple 

If you're not feeling adventurous with your style, you can opt for a simple yet elegant choice: a sleek midi dress in a subtle shade, such as the Sleeveless Belted Midi Dress. This dress is perfect for the office and ideal for the sweltering summer heat. Pair it with kitten heels and accessorize to create a look that's uniquely yours.

Vest-Trousers Set 

The word "vest" has become quite popular in today's fashion scene, and for good reason. Vests are versatile and suitable for formal business ensembles and laid-back casual looks. Unlike blazers, they are practical and won't cause overheating. In the BB Capsule Collection, you'll discover the perfect pairing for professional settings: a V-neck waistcoat and wide-leg suit trousers. Crafted from a luxurious wool blend, these garments offer both comfort and a sophisticated appearance.

V-neck waistcoat

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Wide-leg suit trousers

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If You Dare 

To add excitement to your office wardrobe, consider incorporating bold colors, materials, or styles into your outfits. For instance, the Button-detail leather skirt can serve as a strong foundation for a professional look while also adding a touch of daring flair. Pairing this skirt with the Asymmetric cotton shirt by House of Dagmar will help you create a standout ensemble that catches your colleagues' attention without disregarding the office dress code.

Tailored Shorts  

Skirts and trousers are not the only options to look for in your business suits; you can also incorporate tailored shorts into your summer office closet, as they are more convenient during high temperatures and will allow you to feel more comfortable. The Tailored high-waisted shorts MALIN are an excellent choice for a professional look. Pair them with the Ribbed knit top Rayer as a base, and layer the Textured wide-sleeve cardigan Linn on top to combat freezing office air conditioning. Complete the outfit with Hereu’s Canvas tote bag Cala and Fisherman sandals Pesca for a polished yet practical ensemble.

Business Casual 

In some workplaces, denim is considered inappropriate attire, but if your office allows it, take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate jeans into your professional wardrobe. With the right combination of shirts and blazers, you can easily style blue jeans to suit the office environment. For instance, you can pair the Criss-cross upsized jeans by Agolde with a Long-sleeved linen shirt and complete the look with an Oversized suit blazer from our latest collection.

Dart fold cotton shirt

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Wide suit trousers

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Satin Occasion

When aiming for a sophisticated yet workplace-appropriate look, consider incorporating a luxurious satin skirt, such as the Satin midi skirt by Erika Cavallini. Pair it with a stylish polo shirt, like the Poloneck longsleeve top, for a polished ensemble. Elevate the outfit by adding the Leather-trimmed tote bag CALELLA RAFFIA and the Silk scarf, which can be used as a bag accessory or worn around the neck for a final touch of elegance.

Green Light for Sneakers 

We truly believe that sneakers can be worn to the office, and many workplaces are open to this footwear option. To pull off a professional look with sneakers, it's important to pair them with well-tailored trousers to balance out the casual vibe. For example, the Textured trim-leather sneakers Tweener by Ghoud feature a sleek design that complements trousers nicely. Opt for Wide-leg suit trousers to create a polished look, and consider pairing them with the Contrast-trim cotton t-shirt Farreh for a stylish business casual ensemble, especially in warmer weather.

Statement Shoes 

A pair of exceptional footwear can take your outfit's understated elegance to the next level. Instead of opting for bold high heels, consider a more sophisticated choice, such as the Metallic-effect loafers Juliol by Hereu. These unique loafers are perfect for the office during the summer months, offering both style and comfort due to their high-quality soft leather construction. Pair them with Wide suit trousers and a black Ribbed tank top for a plain, put-together look.

Regular-fit linen blazer NARINA

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Straight-fit linen trousers FRAGRIA

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Is There a Place for Cargo?

The answer is yes. Cargo pants can definitely be incorporated into workwear if the dress code is flexible. The Cargo cotton trousers Ginerva, when paired with the Cropped tee, can create a stylish option for summer business casual meetings. To complete the look, add the Plaited-handle crossbody bag bombon Raffia for a chic and fashionable ensemble.

Smart Blazer 

Blazers can become a valuable item in an outfit, adding a smart touch to the overall look. The Oversized suit blazer from BB Drop is a transformative piece that can elevate any casual outfit into a professional and stylish ensemble. Pair it with the Fine-knit cashmere t-shirt Ari and the Linen buttoned skirt for a chic and breathable base layer. Complete the look with kitten heels or flats, such as the elegant Padded fisherman sandals Cabersa, for a chic touch.

Say Yes to Mini

But! When wearing a mini skirt, it's important to pair it with a proper blazer to maintain a balanced look. Consider using an Oversized suit blazer as it can easily complement a mini skirt like the Fringed mini skirt Adela. To enhance the trendy fringe, pair it with the Contrast stitch top to create a stylish yet discreet business outfit.

Fine-knit V-neck top JANE

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Woven slingback sandals BARANA

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Affection for Denim

One of the most prominent fashion trends is the "denim on denim" look, which can be a great choice for those whose workplace allows denim attire. Pairing a denim jacket with jeans offers a stylish twist on traditional suiting, creating a polished and put-together appearance. We particularly love the Fitted denim jacket for its feminine, tailored silhouette. For the bottoms, we recommend the relaxed baggy jeans Ayla by Citizens of Humanity. To balance the loose fit of the jeans, consider pairing them with the Cotton bodysuit Elna, which accentuates the figure and provides a streamlined look.

Matching Set 

Matching sets can be a great go-to option for both business-related meetings and casual office gatherings. They give off a polished and put-together look that's perfect for your summer office wardrobe. In Tiger of Sweden's latest collection, we've found the ideal combination for your business outings: the sophisticated Straight-leg satin trousers Eedit paired with the elegant Single-sleeve blouse Lucil. This set has a relaxed and minimalistic appearance that is sure to help you make a stylish statement regardless of the occasion.

Final Stroke 

When choosing an appropriate all-black workplace ensemble suitable for hot weather, consider an airy garment such as the cotton Dart fold midi dress by Erika Cavallini. This dress can be paired with Hereu’s Woven slingback sandals Barana to achieve a stylish and comfortable look. For carrying your everyday essentials, you might find the Flat square crossbody bag Trena to be a practical and fashionable choice.