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Article: How to Style Every Type of Jeans in 2024

How to Style Every Type of Jeans in YEAR_TO_CHANGE

How to Style Every Type of Jeans in 2024


Jeans, the versatile and timeless fashion staple, have traversed the years of fashion evolution, and in 2024, they are still at the forefront of trendy and chic outfits. This comprehensive guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of styling jeans. From understanding the different types of jeans for women to creating stunning outfit combinations and learning essential care techniques, we've got you covered. Get ready to dive into the world of denim and discover the best ways to flaunt your jeans with confidence and style.



When it comes to jeans, the rise plays a crucial role in both comfort and style. Explore these options to find the perfect rise for you:

Low Rise Jeans

Offering a hip-hugging fit, low-rise jeans are perfect for those looking to make a fashion-forward statement.

Mid Rise Jeans

Strike the right balance between comfort and style with mid-rise jeans that sit just below the natural waist.

High Rise Jeans

Embrace the current trend of high-waisted jeans, which not only elongate your legs but also provide a flattering silhouette.

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By Jeans Fits

The fit of your jeans defines your overall look. Consider these fits to curate your desired style:

Skinny Jeans

Flaunt your curves with confidence in skinny jeans, a sleek and form-fitting option that pairs effortlessly with a variety of tops and shoes.

Relaxed Jeans

Opt for relaxed-fit jeans for a laid-back and comfortable vibe, perfect for casual outings.

Boyfriend Jeans

Channel an effortlessly cool and relaxed look with boyfriend jeans, which capture the essence of borrowed-from-the-boys style.

Bootcut Jeans

Classic and versatile, bootcut jeans are ideal for those seeking a balanced and proportionate silhouette.

Wide Leg Jeans

Make a bold fashion statement with wide-leg jeans that exude chic sophistication and a touch of drama.

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Jeans Lengths

The length of your jeans can greatly influence your outfit. Consider these length options for diverse styling possibilities:

Cropped Jeans

Showcase your favourite footwear by opting for cropped jeans, which highlight your ankles and add a touch of playfulness to your look.

Ankle Jeans

A popular choice, ankle-length jeans provide the perfect canvas for showcasing various shoe styles.

Regular Jeans

The timeless regular-length jeans are a safe bet for any occasion, offering endless styling opportunities.

Tall Jeans

If you're blessed with height, tall jeans provide a flattering fit and an elegant look.

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The wash of your jeans sets the tone for your outfit, from casual to dressed up. Explore different washes to curate your desired aesthetic:

White Jeans

Embrace a fresh and sophisticated look with white jeans, perfect for spring and summer outfits.

Light Washed Jeans

Achieve a relaxed and casual vibe with light-washed jeans that exude a laid-back charm.

Dark Washed Jeans

Opt for classic and versatile dark-washed jeans that can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Black Jeans

Make a bold and edgy statement with black jeans, adding a touch of drama to your overall look.

As you explore these diverse options, remember that at BEIGE | BROWN®️ we offer a curated selection of jeans that encompass all these styles, ensuring you find the perfect fit to express your unique and timeless fashion sense.

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Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Denim

Now that we've covered the various types of jeans, let's dive into some outfit inspirations that perfectly complement each style. 

Long-Sleeve Top + Cargo Jeans

Achieve an edgy yet functional look by pairing cargo jeans with a long-sleeve top and combat boots, perfect for a street-style vibe.

Puffer Jacket + Blue Jeans

Embrace coziness and style by layering a puffer jacket over classic blue jeans and ankle boots for a chic winter outfit.

Double Denim

Master the double denim trend by combining a denim jacket with jeans in a slightly different shade, creating a harmonious and trendy outfit.

White Tee + Wide Jeans

Embrace casual elegance by pairing a simple white tee with wide-leg jeans and sneakers, offering a relaxed yet put-together look.

Blazer + High-Waist Jeans

Effortlessly transition from day to night by adding a tailored blazer to high-waisted jeans, elevating your overall appearance with sophistication.

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Bold Knit + Slim Jeans + Sneakers

Add a pop of color and texture to your outfit by donning a bold knit sweater, slim jeans, and trendy sneakers for a stylish yet comfortable look.

Bomber Jacket + Straight-Leg Jeans

Channel urban cool by pairing a bomber jacket with straight-leg jeans and ankle boots, creating an edgy and on-trend outfit.

Top + Loose Jeans

Embrace relaxed fashion with a flowy top and loose-fitting jeans, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style.

With these outfit ideas, you're well-equipped to experiment and create unique looks that resonate with your personal style while incorporating the latest denim trends.

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Best Ways to Store and Care for Jeans

Unlock the secrets to extending the lifespan of your premium jeans by mastering the art of proper storage and care. In this blog post section, we will guide you through the essential techniques that will keep your jeans looking impeccable for years to come.

The 5 Best Ways to Store Jeans

  • Hang Up Jeans

Use hangers with clips to hang your jeans in your closet, preventing wrinkles and ensuring easy accessibility.

  • Fold and File Jeans in a Drawer

Neatly fold your jeans and stack them vertically in a drawer, making the most of your storage space.

  • Roll Jeans

Roll your jeans and place them in a basket or on a shelf, allowing you to see all your options at a glance and adding a touch of visual interest.

  • Stack Folded Jeans on a Shelf

Fold your jeans and stack them on a shelf for an organized and visually appealing display.

  • Hang Jeans from S-Hooks

Utilize sturdy S-hooks to hang your jeans on a clothing rack or closet rod, creating a unique storage solution that maximizes space.

When and How to Wash Your Jeans

How often should you wash your jeans? 

Jeans do not require frequent washing; aim to wash them every 5-10 wears or as needed based on your activities and comfort level. Here, we provide you with two ways on how to wash your jeans step by step. Let’s dive in!

Hand-Washing Jeans (8 Steps)

  1. Turn the jeans inside out to preserve color and prevent fading.
  2. Fill a sink or bucket with lukewarm water.
  3. Add ½ cup of white vinegar (optional) to help maintain color vibrancy.
  4. Mix in non-bleach liquid detergent to create a gentle cleaning solution (optional).
  5. Gently wash the jeans, paying special attention to spots and stains, and let them soak for 30-60 minutes.
  6. Drain the water, rinse the jeans thoroughly, and consider a gentle spin cycle in the washing machine (optional).
  7. Turn the jeans right-side out and line dry or flat dry to maintain their shape and prevent excessive wear.


Machine-Washing Jeans (5 Steps):

  1. Turn your jeans inside out to protect color and fabric.
  2. Place the jeans in the washing machine and select a delicate or gentle cycle with a spin cycle of 900 rpm or less.
  3. Add an appropriate amount of non-bleach liquid detergent to ensure a thorough yet gentle clean.
  4. Consider including ½ cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to help maintain color (optional).
  5. Once the wash is complete, promptly remove the jeans from the machine, turn them right-side out, straighten out creases, and line dry.

By adhering to these care guidelines, you can ensure that your jeans maintain their quality and appearance, allowing you to confidently showcase your stylish denim looks.

Jeans for Women at BEIGE I BROWN®️

In 2024, jeans remain a cornerstone of versatile and essential fashion. Now that you have a better understanding on how to style and take care of your jeans, it is time for you to find your perfect denim outfit! Explore our wide range of jeans and denim jackets at BEIGE I BROWN®️ and embrace your individuality through timeless fashion.