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Article: How to Style Skirts for Summer

How to Style Skirts for Summer

How to Style Skirts for Summer


Skirts are designed to accentuate our lovely legs under the warm summer sun. They gracefully drape around us, providing a sense of ease and freedom of movement that we yearn for during the colder seasons.

The perfect summer skirt outfits vary depending on the occasion, be it a romantic date, a professional meeting, or a typical workday. Each occasion calls for different styling choices regarding length, colors, and accessorizing. A mini skirt for a party, a maxi skirt for a business setting, as they say.

In this article, we've curated a collection of captivating summer skirt outfit ideas that align with the latest trends and fresh fashion collections. Let's delve into this topic together!

Summer Skirt Outfit Ideas for Women

Regarding skirt trends, there is no single dominant style in the fashion world. Whether maxi, midi, or mini skirt, each has its own place and occasion to shine. If we take a look at fashion shows and red-carpet events, we'll see a wide variety of stylish combinations featuring different types of skirts. Whether it's denim, satin, mesh, or simple cotton, the options are truly endless. With so many choices available, we're here to assist you in creating the perfect summer skirt outfit.

Rouched cotton blouse

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A-lined silk skirt

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Maxi Unleashed

A must-have for any summer wardrobe is a stunning maxi skirt. Maxi skirts have been making waves in the fashion world lately, seen on celebrities and influencers everywhere. Their ultimate versatility allows them to transition seamlessly from casual to more formal looks. Depending on your unique taste and how you accessorize, maxi skirts can be paired with a variety of tops and shoes.

To stay on trend, we recommend our latest combination: the Beige Brown Maxi skirt paired with an Oversize suit blazer and Lisa Yang’s Knitted cashmere bra top Capucine. This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between a covered bottom and an open top, resulting in a simple yet stunning look.

Crochet Mix

Lately, the fashion world has been buzzing with the sheer trend, and it's no surprise that sheer skirts have taken the spotlight. This versatile piece can be worn over pants or shorts, making it a fantastic option for experimenting with different looks. Additionally, it can be used as a stylish cover-up for a swimsuit, adding a touch of elegance to your beach ensemble. When it comes to styling, the options are endless. You can pair the sheer skirt with a range of tops, from casual tees and tank tops to more eye-catching pieces such as a matching crochet top. The key is to let your creativity shine through and explore different combinations.

In the latest collection from House of Dagmar, a stunning sheer set caught our eye: the Crochet drawstring skirt and the Crochet poloneck top. This ensemble is designed to make a statement and can effortlessly transition from a day at the beach to a leisurely stroll through the city. With its intricate crochet details and drawstring skirt, this set is the epitome of summer chic.

Crochet poloneck top

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Crochet drawstring skirt

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Skirt Over Trousers 

Have you noticed the latest fashion trend hitting the streets? It's sizzling hot, just like the summer days that have recently arrived. From mini skirts paired with ripped jeans to flowy midis with leggings and elegant maxis with wide-leg pants, these outfits can truly reflect your unique sense of style. The bolder and more unconventional your look, the more impressive you'll feel.

To begin, consider a minimalistic ensemble featuring luxurious cashmere pieces from Lisa Yang's latest collection. Start with the Relaxed-fit cashmere trousers Marlo layered under the Cashmere midi skirt Elin, and complement the look with the Cashmere knit top Alicia. This combination of neutral tones and cashmere textures exudes elegance and feels incredibly soft, almost like a cloud. And to enhance this pleasant feeling, complete the outfit with Erika Cavallini's fluffy Band slippers. This ensemble could easily be described as the epitome of comfort.

Beige Casual 

When it comes to casual skirt outfits for the summer, it's best to choose pieces with relaxed silhouettes crafted from natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or lightweight knitwear. Opting for oversized shirts and midi skirts with roomy silhouettes can help you achieve that laid-back summer vibe we all aim for.

In this particular ensemble, we've centered the look around Erika Cavallini's Linen buttoned skirt, which offers a simple yet chic versatility. We've paired this skirt with the Patch-pocket striped shirt from the BB Capsule collection. The shirt features a subtle striped pattern in a soothing beige hue, which we've complemented with Hereu’s Flat square crossbody bag Trena. To complete the ensemble, we've added the Fisherman sandals Pesca in a rich brown color for a finishing touch.

Fine-knit cashmere t-shirt ARI

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Fine-knit midi skirt RONJA

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Take It Easy

It’s summer, so there is no need to fret about piling on layers of clothing. Instead, opt for simplicity and bask in the radiant sunshine and comforting warmth. Embrace an effortlessly chic look with the Cotton bodysuit Elna by Agolde, paired with the Denim maxi skirt Hilla. To enhance the laid-back vibe and infuse additional comfort into the ensemble, elevate it with a pair of Erika Cavallini’s Band slippers in a timeless black hue.

Everyday Routine

How do you create a simple yet stylish look? Add more accessories, and choose clothing pieces with exciting elements. 

For instance, the Tillis front-slit denim skirt by Tiger of Sweden features a distinctive slit detail that can also be styled as a mini skirt. Pair it with the crisp white logo-embroidered ribbed top and enhance the ensemble with the Geometia slim leather belt accentuating the waist and the Terra Canvas square-flat crossbody bag. Regarding footwear, you have the freedom to choose anything from sandals to high heels, but to maintain a laid-back vibe, consider the Tweener textured-trim leather sneakers.

Striped crop top

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Reworked maxi skirt CIRCOLO

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Statement Mini

Wear your skirts in style, and don’t be afraid to opt for bold colors and designs. The Fringed mini skirt Adela in a striking orange shade, designed by Lisa Yang, is a true work of art guaranteed to capture attention. Crafted from high-quality knitted cashmere, this skirt offers exceptional temperature regulation, making it a versatile piece suitable for summer wear. The Off-shoulder cashmere shirt Colleen complements the mini skirt perfectly, creating a stylish ensemble. To complete the look, pair it with the Woven slingback sandals Barana, which feature a unique woven texture that adds an extra touch of flair.

Denim on Denim 

And how not to mention the stunning denim-on-denim trend! It's all the rage right now, so be sure to experiment with pairing your denim skirt with a denim shirt or jacket. You can stick with similar shades of blue or mix and match different hues for a more unique look. The more unconventional your combination, the more stylish it will be!

Our fashion-forward combination features the Reworked maxi skirt Circolo by Citizens of Humanity mixed with the Fitted denim jacket. We decided to finish the look with a bold note on the Lace knit top. Depending on your style, you can complement the outfit with boots, heels, or sneakers and accessorize with elegant pieces to create a striking contrast.

Ribbed knit top RAYER

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Front-slit denim skirt TILLIS

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Cocktail Edition

Skirts are perfect for cocktail parties! We’ve discussed this topic recently, so if you need more cocktail outfit ideas, read our previous post. Here, we’ll just have a look at one particular elegant ensemble.

Let's start with the Satin midi skirt by Erika Cavallini, a sophisticated and versatile item that serves as the centerpiece of the outfit. To add an extra element of allure, we've paired it with the Open-back top by House of Dagmar. The open detailing and slim fit of this top bring an intriguing touch to the overall look.

Finishing the ensemble, we've chosen the brown Padded fisherman sandals Cabersa for a stylish and comfortable footwear option. To complement the sandals, we've selected the Plaited-handle crossbody bag Bombon Raffia, adding a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

Romantic Date

For an unforgettable romantic date, attention to detail is key, especially when it comes to the perfect first-date outfit. Here's our recipe for a discreet yet chic look. Starting with the Fringe midi skirt by House of Dagmar, its playful fringe and midi length give it a flirty flair. Pair it with the Sleeveless draped top Odisia for an elegant yet alluring look. Complete the outfit with the artisanal vibe of the Flat square crossbody bag Trena in black to keep all your essentials close at hand.