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Article: How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket

How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket

How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket

Written by Karl

Winter has much to offer and it’s best to endure cold temperatures with a reliable jacket that keeps you warm and confident. However, how to choose the warmest type of jacket when nowadays there’s so much to choose between and every offer seems better than the last? Choosing the right winter jacket can be a daunting task, because ideally you’ll be buying it for more than one season. So going through different types of winter jackets is a must in order to discover the right and warmest jacket that suits your needs. So, sit back, have some relaxing chamomile tea and let’s go down the rabbit hole in finding the proper winter jacket for you, that combines functionality and style, and is made of a quality, prime.

Types of Winter Jackets

When talking about winter jackets, it’s important to differentiate between them. As trends come and go, so do the types of articles fashion houses produce for different seasons. It’s important to remember that each winter jacket caters to a specific preference and need. The timeless quilted jacket offers an elegant and a timeless look, whilst providing warmth due to its unique stitched pattern. Puffer jackets on the other hand are known for their signature inflated look and insulation. They’re ideal for those seeking an edgy and comfortable option, making puffer jackets wildly functional. Lightweight jackets are ideal for transitional seasons, offering the perfect balance between fashion and warmth without looking too bulky. Least but not least are parkas which provide great protection against harsh weather and blizzards during colder winter months, combining warmth and practicality. Regardless of your preferences, there might be a quilted jacket, a coat, a parka or a puffer which ticks all your boxes just on your horizon. Just scroll down for further, as we take a deeper look into our recommendations for how to choose a winter jacket for 2024.

Quilted jackets

When combining smart casual with a touch of functionality, a quilted jacket is your go to choice. Quilted jackets – like the logo-patch padded jacket Boynton for men by Moose Knuckles are easily distinguished by their elegant stitching patterns, which create a visually beautiful shape whilst also serving a functional purpose. Because they are typically filled with lightweight insulating materials such as down, like this one – lightweight quilted jacket Riis for women by Moose Knuckles provide on par warmth and comfort by also bringing its A game on fashion. Quilted Blazer Jacket Master by Duno is another excellent example, making it a great option for men looking for the perfect balance between style and warmth. It provides you additional cold protection due to the inside layer with a zipper and a knit high neck. For women, another great example by Duno is their Oversized Quilted Down Jacket Calypso. The jacket is characterized by adjustable side slits with zipping and a monochromatic match of the hood edge with the superlight technical fabric, making it a beloved choice who worship warmth and style combined.

Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are known for their quilted or padded design, by creating a series of insulated compartments filled usually with down. They’re loved for their warmth, as they trap the warmth between the jacket and the body itself, by creating a warm and dry climate so to speak. Their lightweight build makes them comfortable to wear without extra bulk, as they’re often preferred by more active broods as they’re easy to pack for outdoor adventures. Puffer jackets come in a variety of styles and lengths, from ankle-length to cropped, from traditional to trendy cuts, ensuring everyone would find their ideal puffy.

For men, a great example is by HolzweilerDown Puffer Jacket Narvik. What makes it so special is that it’s water repellent and made of the highest quality, by providing excellent 80/20 warmth. It means 80% down, 20% feather and is padded with RDS-certified down.

For women, an excellent choice would be Oversize Leatherette Down Jacket Peggie by Duno. This warm and practical jacket will keep you most definitely warm and stylish throughout the whole winter, as it provides 90/10 warmth.

When looking for an elegant, warm and smart casual look, we’d recommend for men to buy Velvet Waterproof Puffer Souris by Moose Knuckles. It creates a timeless look and is a best buy for this kind of price whilst on discount. When looking for a more posh and high-end look, Gold-Detail Belted Jacket Cambria by Moose Knuckles is the go-to choice for women, who love warm protection against temperature without sacrificing on style. By providing excellent warmth, it’s a perfect choice to provide you with confidence and warmth.

Lightweight jackets

Lightweight jackets perfect for those who love a versatile outer layer. By bringing together style and comfort, they’re also perfect for transiting seasons in between. Ideal for milder winter climates and countries, lightweight jackets offer the perfect balance between great warmth and insulation and functionality. Two excellent examples that we adore are Lightweight Hooded Down Jacket Fullcrest for Men and the Metallic Finish Padded Jacket for Women by Moose Knuckles.

The Lightweight Jacket is a prime example of what lightweight jackets offer – warmth and style. By boasting a down insulation, it provides excellent warmth and by being lightweight, it doesn’t tire your physique during longer days outside. The addition of a hood adds extra protection to keep your neck warm during sudden gusts of wind during chilly winter months.

For a touch of glamour, the Padded Jacket by Moose a standout go-to choice. Its eye-catching metallic finish adds a contemporary twist to the classic lightweight jacket concept. With its padding and insulation, it ensures you remain cozy during brisk temperatures.

Lightweight jackets like these paint a great picture of how lightweight jackets boast the practicality and also provide great warmth and insulation, by making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate the balance between style, warmth and functionality.


Parkas are the ultimate winter jackets loved and bought year after year for their longer length, insulation, and often fur-trimmed hoods, making them an excellent protection against the harshest winter elements.

The Padded Parka Planet by Duno for Men is a book example of a classic parka with modern enhancements. It’s tailored to a longer length for added coverage, padding for warmth, and a hood with a drawstring, providing perfect coverage in extreme weather conditions. This parka is an ideal choice for those who appreciate timeless designs with a touch of practicality.

Women who seek an oversized and extra-warm option, the Oversize Hooded Down Parka Spera by Duno combines the traditional parka design with standout fashion. Its bulkiness ensures great insulation, while the hood and down filling guarantee you to stay warm, soft and comfortable throughout the winter, even during the harsher days.

The Hooded Down Parka Firebag by Moose Knuckles features a sleek, state-of-the-art quality and design, perfect for long and cold winters. With its top notch down and feather insulation, it is suitable for everyone who looks forward to enjoying winter to the fullest.

For lovers of luxury in every detail, the Gold Detail Down Parka Watershed is an exquisite choice. With its elegant 24K gold accents, state-of-the-art materials and highest protection against the weather, it is the prime example of a parka delivering utmost warmth, protection and style.

Whether you love traditional monochromed parkas, contemporary, or luxurious ones, BEIGE BROWN parkas offer a blend of elegance, warmth, comfort, and functionality to keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter season.

Tips For Choosing a Winter Jacket

When it comes to selecting the perfect winter jacket, a few key considerations can make all the difference in staying warm, comfortable and trendy throughout the coldest months of the year. As the winter jacket is literally your life vest, it’s highly normal to think longer about which one to go for. Let’s go through some of the essential things to look at when buying types of winter jackets. 

Synthetic vs. Down

Down provides excellent warmth and is highly compressible and is known for its high level of insulation, trapping warm air effectively, which makes it extremely efficient at keeping you warm in cold conditions.

Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, retains warmth even when damp and is a great choice for wetter climates and they tend to be cheaper than down jackets.

Warmth vs. Style

Depending on your country’s climate, but living in the north, prioritize warmth and comfort over style. Pay attention to the jacket's temperature rating, which indicates the lowest temperature it can effectively protect you from. Ensure that the jacket is comfortable to wear and allows for easy movement.

Waterproof Features

Consider a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, especially if it rains and snows a lot in your country. Be sure to look for features like waterproof zippers, and a durable water repellent jacket to keep you dry and warm.

Utility and Style

Your winter jacket should also be an extension of your fashion preference. There are various styles, from classic to contemporary, to choose from. 

Layering Compatibility

Make sure you can add layers underneath your winter jacket. Layering provides extra warmth and versatility. 

Fit and Length

Pay attention to the fit and length of the jacket. A well-fitted jacket will be more efficient at trapping heat, and longer styles like parkas offer more coverage, which can be especially beneficial in extreme cold.

Hood and Collar

A hood is a valuable feature for protecting your head and neck from the cold. Check if the hood is adjustable or detachable. High collars provide extra protection against wind and cold.


Invest in a durable jacket made from high-quality materials. A well-constructed winter jacket will withstand the hazards of the season and last for years.


Set a budget that aligns with your needs and preferences. While premium jackets offer top-tier performance, there are also budget-friendly options that provide excellent value.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make an informed decision when choosing your winter jacket, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements for warmth, comfort, and style while enabling you to brave the cold with confidence.