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Article: How To Style a Knitted Sweater in 2024

How To Style a Knitted Sweater in YEAR_TO_CHANGE

How To Style a Knitted Sweater in 2024

Written by Karl

As 2024 nears the end, one timeless and comforting garment still makes waves – the knitted sweater. This ultimate guide helps you to unlock the potential of this staple article in your wardrobe, as we dive deeper into the art of how to wear a sweater properly and how to blend it with your looks. From your casual self to more sleek office looks, we’ll explore plenty of knitted sweater outfit ideas that help you mix & match comfort and style, which winter is all about. Sit back, have some relaxing tea and join us on a journey as we’ll take you through the landscape of knitted sweaters and how they fit for practically every occasion. 

10 Knitted Sweater Outfit Ideas

Knitted sweaters have become a staple in every wardrobe, especially during the winter months and colder seasons. They are loved because they’re versatile and comfortable garments and can easily be styled depending on the occasion. It’s quite hard to miss with a knitted sweater, as they effortlessly combined with skinny jeans and ankle boots combine a staple ensemble altogether. One can elevate its office style by wearing a fitted turtleneck sweater with tailored trousers, which ties together functionality and sophistication. For more casual laid-back vibes, go for a chunky knit cardigan over a regular tee, accompanied by leggings or relaxed jeans and some ankle boots. Knitted sweaters are also ideal for date nights, as one-shoulder chunky sweater, a sleek leather skirt and heeled ankle boots bring together characteristics with a touch of romance.

If you want to achieve a look that dwells on athleticism and leisure by combining comfort and style, go for a cropped knitted sweater, high-waisted leggings and some cool-looking sneakers. When temperature plummets, go for a glamorous turtleneck sweater dress, knee-high boots and a coat to ooze vogue by being warm at the same time. Especially during colder seasons a long cardigan over a basic tee with wide-leg pants for a comfortable and casual look is always welcomed. If you want to dwell more on the bohemian and boho side, go for a fringed knit sweater with flared jeans, suede ankle boots and some great looking accessories to make a statement. As always, with knitted sweaters you can opt for a more sophisticated look by going full monochromatic with a slim-fitting knit turtleneck, tailored trousers and matching heels for a sleek and chic look. To go for a more romantic outfit, try a soft, pastel-colored knit sweater paired with pleated midi skirt and heeled ankle boots with some delicate jewelry for a touch of elegance.

Knit sweater with a pair of denim

To achieve a slightly bohemian look, go for these –  a classic pair of denim by Agolde to complement the brushed Alpaca knit sweater’s texture by House of Dagmar. Consider going for a collared shirt or long-sleeved top to add depth and warmth. Choose footwear that add to the outfit, such as ankle or knee-high boots, and accessorize with a belt, necklace, or watch.

Cable knit crewneck sweater

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Wide-leg cargo jeans MINKA

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Sweater over a button down shirt

To achieve a more sophisticated look, go for this style – a well-fitted button-down shirt by Erika Cavallini with a wool roundneck sweater by House of Dagmar. You can never go wrong with complementary colors or patterns for added depth. Cuff the sleeves for a casual touch and pair with tailored pants or classic denim.

Sweater with a skirt

To achieve a charming and a feminine look, pair a lightweight knit sweater like the relaxed roll neck sweater like this by FTC Cashmere with an eye-watering skirt like the one by House of Dagmar. Tuck in the sweater to highlight your waist and to bring out the skirt’s pattern. Go for a solid-colored sweater that matches the theme in the floral skirt for a great blend. Complete the look with ankle boots and some accessories.

Sweater with jeans

For a cool edgy look, pair your relaxed fit pullover by FTC Cashmere with skinny jeans as these ones by Citizens of Humanity. Go for contrasting colors or patterns to add visual character. A good tip is to tuck in a section of the sweater to highlight the waist. Complete the picture with ankle boots or sneakers for a more laid-back vibe. 

Highneck knit sweater

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Leather straight trousers 90'S PINCH

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Sweater with a mini skirt

Try creating a more stylish and versatile look by combining a classic and colorful cashmere knit sweater by FTC Cashmere with a fringed mini skirt by Lisa Yang. Obviously it’s more for spring and summer, but with leggings this combination brings beautifully together elegance and sex appeal. You can go for a well-fitted sweater to balance out the silhouette of the miniskirt. We’d recommend you’d go for complementary colors for a more harmonious finish. Complete with ankle boots or heels for a stand-out look. This outfit is perfect for various occasions, adding a touch of sun and charm to your style.

Sweater with cropped jeans

The combination of the chunky, soft and knitted jumper like the one by Erika Cavallini and the on-trend cropped jeans by Agolde strikes the perfect balance between casual and fashionable. Go for a slightly oversized sweater for a more relaxed vibe, and let it elegantly fall over the waistband of the cropped jeans. 

Sweater with classic trousers

If you look to channel your inner Jolie, go for a turtleneck cashmere sweater by FTC Cashmere and straight flannel trousers combo by Erika Cavallini. Choose a well-knitted sweater and tuck them into the jeans for a slightly more polished look. Opt for some neutral tones for a great blend and add platform boots for a retro touch. Minimal accessories complete this blast from the past exceptionally well. 

Highneck cashmere sweater HEIDI

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Straight-leg cargo jeans COOPER

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Sweater with relaxed fit jeans

To achieve a more laid-back and stylish look by pairing a comfortable sweater with relaxed-fit jeans go for the striped relax-fit pullove by FTC Cashmere and relaxed baggy jeans by Citizens of Humanity. This blend is a perfect combination between comfort and fashion, making it an ideal choice for casual outings or cozy nights in. Choose a neutral color palette for a timeless and versatile finish.

Sweater with a white jeans

Elevate yourself with a combo no one can go wrong – high neck cashmere sweater Heidi Blender by Lisa Yang and broken waistband jeans by Agolde. White denim creates a clean and sophisticated look, whereas the sweater has a more timeless appeal. You can always opt for a more color pop as white jeans are the perfect canvas actually for anything. Fomplete the look with ankle boots or sneakers for a more refined appearance. 

Sweater with a midi skirt

It’s always beautiful to elevate your style by pairing a fitted knit sweater with a midi boucle skirt by Lisa Yang. It’s always good to opt for colors that are cohesive for a more harmonious look. Complete it with ankle boots and some accessories to effortlessly achieve a versatile and sophisticated look, suitable for various occasions.

Single-sleeve cashmere top FORREST

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Cashmere boucle skirt KAEL

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