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Article: Denim Trends For Men

Denim Trends For Men

Denim Trends For Men


If we ask you to name the most long-lasting trends in men’s fashion, denim clothing will probably be at the top of the list. And that is no wonder, as denim has continuously followed our lives from the day it was invented to the time when it was essential workwear to the present. Jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets, and various accessories — nowadays, the variations of denim pieces are endless. However, that is also true for the hues of the fabric, texture, and cuts. Almost every year surprises us with new denim styles, while some classic designs never leave the scene. Raw indigo in the straight cut is the ultimate basic that isn’t planning to give up its dominant position. Black slims also remain our closet staples, while baggy, ripped, and tapered jeans are considered optional pieces. Taking into account all the possible varieties, we should highlight that denim trends for men change from season to season. Sometimes subtly, sometimes radically. In this article, we will explore which men’s jeans will hit the trend in the upcoming season and how to style them according to the latest fashion tendencies. Get on board, and let’s have a look at what awaits us in 2024!

Top 7 Men’s Jeans Styles for 2024

Slim or baggy? Ripped or tapered? The good thing about men’s fashion is that it rarely tends to be unwearable. All current trending jeans for men are absolutely versatile and can be mixed in with casual outfits as well as formal ones. Some of them you may already have in your wardrobe, as they don’t leave the charts and keep their popularity for a while, though the others might become a great addition to your go-to looks thanks to their fashion-forward appeal. A little spoiler here: if you have an old faded pair of jeans you were thinking of throwing away, don’t rush. These jeans might serve you well for this year.

Raw Denim

 While most denim fabrics go through washing and distressing to create an artificial worn-in look, raw denim remains unwashed and untreated. At first glance, it seems like raw denim has no personality at all; all pairs in the shop look precisely similar. However, they become more unique with the way you wear them, and they attain a personal distressed pattern and color thanks to your activities and washing. Raw denim fades naturally over time, and it’s hard to deny the beauty of this process. Of course, it takes time, though, to accelerate the fading you may wear your jeans as long as possible before washing, wear them actively, fold them, and even beat them up. Might sound crazy, but the more worn your raw denim jeans are, the more authentic they become. Mostly, you will encounter raw denim made of 100% cotton, although it should not necessarily be so. For example, Denim Linen Trousers from Dirk Bikkembergs are made of a cotton-linen blend, but they are raw denim pants as they weren’t washed and distressed. This pair features a trousers-like silhouette, which is extremely trendy this season, and a classy straight fit. Despite their tailored vibe, these jeans look better if dressed down with a modern tee or polo shirt, running shoes, and a cap.

Relaxed-fit Jeans 

From modern baggy to classy wide-leg, this trend contains each roomy and voluminous pair. Mostly considered a part of the streetwear wardrobe, relaxed fit in men’s fashion was never taken seriously due to the strong association with the skater subculture. Nevertheless, on the latest runways, we saw many wide-legs and boxy cuts from numerous prominent designers. Some of them played with old-school skaters’ vibes, while others created a contemporary vision of this trend. The result is that you now have multiple variations for your outfits, not just street style. Modern designs allow you to create street, casual, and even business-like attire with relaxed-fit jeans. To find a versatile and trendy piece, we recommend checking out collections by Citizens of Humanity. Apart from bulky shapes, they created various subtly roomy pairs, like Relaxed rise jeans FINN. Their cropped, slightly tapered leg offers the utmost comfort and easy mixing with casual tops and jackets. Ultra-versatile mid-wash is a good match for neutral hues and a perfect base for trendy denim-on-denim looks.


From factories and mines to the runways and our wardrobes, workwear-inspired denim has come a long way to become a timeless closet staple. Usually, workwear means a raw indigo blue five-pocket design that is durable, versatile, and simple. But nowadays, we have more exciting variations, like cargos and carpenter pants. While cargo has been well-known and highly loved by men for years already, carpenter pants have just appeared on the scene. Carpenter jeans have side loops, thigh pockets, and relaxed silhouettes, thanks to which this type creates a more refined look. At the same time, cargo pants feature patch pockets on the legs and a baggy fit. But not only jeans were affected by this trend. We can see some hints on jackets, shirts, and even accessories. Have a look at numerous trucker and field jackets with indigo treatment. And don’t forget that denim on denim is a hot trend. As an ultra-versatile variation of workwear-inspired jeans, we suggest having a look at the Classic straight jeans GAGE from Citizens of Humanity. No extra details, only extraordinary utility.

Slim Cuts

Some trends appear, and some stay by default. Slim fit is staying with us even though it was not presented on the runways so much, just because, well, it is essential. Slim-fit jeans are a basic pair you should always have ready for everyday looks and rush mornings. Better combined with slim tops to complement the silhouette, you may wear slim jeans as your style tells you. Try mixing them with a tight turtleneck or pullover, add a jacket or blazer on top, finish with chukka boots, and enjoy your smart casual attire. Or go for a more laid-back option with a hoodie and sneakers. We’ve encountered many slim-fit jeans in the new collection of Tiger of Sweden, for example, Slim-fit jeans pistolero. A sharp black hue, classic mid-rise, and stretch denim fabric allow this pair to become your day-to-day partner in crime for any occasion.


Fading and bleaching are other types of artificial distressing to create an interesting pattern or hue. These effects have a noticeable grunge vibe; however, if used subtly, jeans may remain versatile with a worn-out hint. Subtle fading you may see on the Light-wash slim-fit jeans from Aeronautica Militare, where the hue is slightly changing from indigo blue to light blue. However, this kind of fading can be reached naturally by simply wearing jeans without washing them for a while. As mentioned earlier, natural fading will create a unique and personalized pattern on your jeans, but it will take time. Meanwhile, artificial fading will give you the desired pattern without any delay. As to the bleaching, it is more radical, though it offers us extraordinary streetwear styles. Such jeans might be bleached entirely to get the albino appearance or might be just splashed with bleach to create particular patterns. If you opt for street-style outfits, you should check them out.

Dark Wash Jeans 

Honestly, all shades of blue are currently in trend, forcing out black and gray hues. From almost white light blue to dark yet not black hues, the more varieties we have, the more personalized looks it is possible to create. As to the dark washes, they also may have different shades, not to mention shapes and distressed details. Your options are almost endless — from baggy street-style designs to classic straights. Dark wash makes jeans look more polished, though you may change the outfit's appeal by proper styling and mixing with accessories. Our choice is Tapered slim jeans LONDON from Citizens of Humanity. This pair features a close to black dark blue hue, a tapered leg (which is our next and last trend), and a stretchy slim fit, ensuring you will look flattering while wearing them.

Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans feature a specific leg shape when they gradually narrow toward the ankle. To taper basically means to bring in the leg for the shape that feels roomy and comfortable on top but looks polished and sharp, thanks to the alteration of the hem. The good thing about tapered pairs is that they suit many body types, are easy to wear and style, and offer outstanding versatility. This type of jeans can help you define your leg shape without wearing a tight fit. Tapered is all about simultaneously blending comfort and style. In denim collections by Citizens of Humanity, we’ve discovered numerous flattering tapered jeans, and we suggest you take a look at Tapered classic jeans ADLER. Available in four unique hues, this pair may become your favorite for casual outfits, everyday outings, and formal occasions.

These are the main trendy jeans for men this season, but there are more details to explore in the denim fashion department. Off-white, ripped, low-rise pairs were hitting the trends too, although they still hadn’t become popular enough as men’s jeans trends don’t update as rapidly as women’s ones. But stay in touch and keep an eye out for upcoming fashion news!