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Article: How To Style Midi Skirts For Spring

How To Style Midi Skirts For Spring

How To Style Midi Skirts For Spring


The temperatures are rising, and our clothes are becoming shorter and lighter, to our delight. We need fewer layers; we can expose bare skin to the sun—isn't that wonderful! And though our spring closet may vary significantly from woman to woman, there are some staples we should consider adding because they are, well, essential, forever-trendy must-haves.

A midi skirt is one of these kinds. Leather bold one or floral boho — regardless of the style, this type of skirt is a classy piece you should undoubtedly own, and if you still don’t, now is the time to check out our diverse collection.

In this post, we will discuss how to style a midi skirt for spring according to the latest trends, your personal style, and your physique. Which type will suit you the most, what to combine it with, and how to add your personal touch — read further and explore with us!

10 Outfit ideas with midi skirts

First of all, let’s define what a midi skirt is to have a better understanding of how it can be worn. Midi is basically everything from knee-length to ankle-length. If the skirt touches the ground, it becomes a maxi; if it ends above the knee, it tends to be a mini. Very easy, right? As to the fits and shapes, midis have endless various options — from pleat knee-length to straight denim or floral flowing ankle-length skirts. Despite their differences,  each midi features enormous versatility and numerous styling possibilities. And we are going to play with these features.

You may create formal midi skirt outfits as well as casual or street-style ones; it all depends on which spring skirt you will use and what you want to pair it with. Tees, sneakers, and denim jackets will add a more laid-back vibe to the look, while blazers, high heels, and blouses will help you dress up your outfit.

Keep yourself open to experiments, and we hope our outfit ideas for spring 2024 will inspire you to elevate your wardrobe and style!

Ribbed knit top RAYER

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Denim maxi skirt HILLA

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White tees

The white T-shirt is the ultimate top for all types of skirts, and with spring midis, it will look specifically fresh. Its relaxed attitude mixed with polished, minimal skirts will add a lovely contrast, and when matched with playful floral midis, it will increase the laid-back feel of the look. You may even pair it with a classic black leather skirt to reach the bold styling level, though if you opt for something more leisurely, go for cotton or knitted skirts. As to the tee, we recommend an Oversized cotton T-shirt from House of Dagmar. Plain and minimal, this piece will make a nice pair for any of your midi skirts. Its oversized cut with wide sleeves will add a unique touch to your look without overwhelming it with details. Regardless of the midi you choose, pair this outfit with sneakers or boots to finish the look with a daring appeal.


When you’ve decided to dress down your spring midi, there is no better option for footwear than sneakers. If you opt for the best pair for your outfit with a white tee, get yourself a pair of simple white sneakers, and be sure you’ll get a nice casual combination. If the skirt calls for it, you may try different styles of sneakers. Colorful, with a tall platform, fur-lined — all of them are suitable for particular occasions, and they might add an interesting twist to your look. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various textures, lengths, and shapes. The more unusual mix you’ll manage to create, the better—these spring creative looks are much appreciated. One of the exciting pairs of sneakers we suggest for your midi looks is the Suede mesh-detail sneakers Julia from Voile Blanche. Featuring a flat lace closure, suede and woven details, and a light rubber sole, this pair is an excellent choice for a warm spring. 

Crop T-shirt 

If a white T-shirt seems too dull for you, but you still fancy making a casual look, try matching your midi with a cropped tee. A cropped top adds a contemporary street-style appeal to the outfit, no matter which skirt you choose. Pay attention to which rise has the skirt to get the exact attitude you are looking for. High rise will be ideal if you opt for a more classy variation, while mid and low will take the look to a more daring side. For a versatile top option, you may check out a striped Cropped tee from House of Dagmar. Striped print is the ultimate solution for a fashion-forward outfit, so if you are searching for a closet staple to upgrade your spring closet, it can be the one. Also, be free to choose tees with bright hues, elaborated prints, and unusual cuts to get a personalized touch. Allow your spring outfits to stand out!


Sandals are such a broad category to choose from, and picking the one that will express your personality in the most flattering way doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get confused about all those types, and it may be helpful to distinguish at least the most common ones. The most trendy option this season is a slingback. It might be flat, kitten-heeled, or even high-heeled, depending on your preferences and the skirt you want to match. Fisherman, flip-flop, or cross-strap sandals are also excellent options for creating elevated casual outfits. For spring day-to-day looks, we suggest going for flats to be as comfortable as possible. But it would be great to have a variation with kitten heels for evening or formal attire. High heels are not so trendy, though if your dress code calls for it, go ahead.

Button-up cardigan SILVYIYA

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Flared midi skirt EDWIGE

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Dressy Tops 

It happens from time to time that we need to dress up our spring looks for special occasions and important events, and regardless of the stereotype that dresses are the best for evening attire, we are sure that midi skirts can be even more fascinating if you find a suitable top for them. The idea here is to keep balance — if you add a dressy top, you should keep your bottom minimal. Simple shape, monochrome, and a few details — choose a discreet midi for this look. As for the top, get something exciting, like a Sculpted tube top from House of Dagmar. Decorated with sculpted folds, this top hits one of the season's most loud trends. Sculptural volumes are on fire. And though we mentioned before that a dressy top needs a laconic skirt, if you manage to find a skirt with a sculpted silhouette, go for it without hesitation. You will create an ultra-trendy outfit.

Mock Neck Tops 

Mock neck tops have a flattering feature — a standing collar, similar to turtleneck ones, but more loose and not turned over. It feels and looks more laid-back, so there is another option for your casual spring midi outfits. Use sleeveless tops for warmer weather, like this Mockneck cashmere vest TOVA from Lisa Yang. Made of premium cashmere, this piece is highly breathable, providing enough warmth and coolness depending on the temperature. It also features a tender light-green color, making it a lovely addition to your spring wardrobe. Though the green itself is not the trendiest, it may fit perfectly with midi skirts with floral prints. And the floral theme, by the way, is in full swing!

Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirt, roomy midi, voluminous sneakers, and a vast tote — that’s the recipe for contemporary boho styling. Styles are also evolving thanks to modern trends and tendencies. The good thing about shirts is that they allow variety. Tucked or not, it changes the overall look a lot. For more neat and refined appeal, tuck your shirt inside the midi and get a business-ready outfit. Throw a blazer on top, add a pair of elegant kitten heels, and you are ready for the office. But one tiny change — an untucked oversized shirt — will add a laid-back feel to your look, however, in an intelligent way. A black Oversized cotton shirt Gina from House of Dagmar is a timeless closet staple that will allow you to create multiple looks with midis but also with any other bottoms.


If the shirt has a more relaxed attitude and allows one to style it differently, then blouses are absolutely chic pieces that exude elegance. The best would be to mix a blouse with a formal, classy midi, like a straight cotton or leather one. Also, depending on the type of blouse you wear, you may create a romantic look with a flying skirt. Our piece from Tiger of Sweden, a Single-sleeve blouse Lucil, can be used for both options. Pair it with a formal pencil skirt to get a polished attitude, although if you opt for something more dreamy and romantic, get yourself a silky wide skirt. 

Oversized cotton t-shirt

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Button-detail leather skirt

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Long Sleeve Top 

Extremely versatile long sleeves are your perfect in-between choice for layering. If the weather is not warm enough and you have to put on a jacket, consider wearing such an essential piece. Or if you need an outfit for late night, try combining a midi with a long sleeve and cardigan to create a casual look with elegant appeal. As you know, we appreciate experiments in styling, so to simplify this process for you, we recommend using a plain Merino V-neck Top from House of Dagmar for your layered outfits. Ribbed knit, fitted silhouette, and natural merino wool — such a top is suitable for any style and occasion.

Denim Jacket 

It seems like denim is always in trend, and, well, it is not far from the truth. For this season, be ready to wear denim on denim looks, as these will hit the highest fashion levels. So, if you have a denim midi, make sure to find a suitable denim jacket or shirt for it. Various denim tops will also work, though if you toss a jacket over it, it would be even more fantastic. Agolde is our denim guru, and their Oversized vintage denim jacket WAYNE is a fashion-forward piece to wear this spring. Apart from denim-on-denim outfits, you may mix this outstanding piece with any other look that needs a bit of an edgy vibe.

Drop Waist 

Elongated torsos are returning to spring/summer fashion thanks to many trend-setting brands. Some experiment with figure-hugging tops attached to pleated flowing skirts; others lower their jacket belts to their low thighs. Many maxi-skirts were made to be as low as it is yet not falling, which is also true for pants. Low-waist Jeans Fusion from Agolde are a typical representative of this trend. Roomy, light-washed, and versatile, such a pair will be your closet must for the upcoming season.


Presented in the late '50s, slingbacks became quite popular and could be seen on the feet of every fashion lover, though since then, the trend has lost its prominence for a long while before being revived, as you've probably guessed, now! Elegant low-heeled slingbacks with pointy toes, sleek and sculpted pairs, flat sandal designs. Variations are endless, but we think that flat slingbacks are the coolest. Have a look at the Woven Slingback Sandals Barana from Hereu and consider adding such a comfy pair to your everyday wardrobe.

Contrast stitch top

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A-lined silk skirt

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High Waist

It might be confusing; we just said that drop waist is in trend, but as a matter of fact, both raises appeared on the runways. We spotted some radical examples of high-rise pants pulled up almost to the breast level. Other outfits featured baggy trousers belted just around the waist letting the upper part of the pants loose above the belt. Among many others, Agolde also crafted high-rise jeans for the upcoming season. The most interesting styles of their arrivals are Criss cross jeans and Broken waistband jeans. As practical as regular pairs, these jeans possess contemporary boldness.

Oversized Bags 

Probably each woman has a situation once in a while when she just needs to put all her life into one bag, isn’t that so? Luckily, it isn’t embarrassing anymore, as these megabags are now officially trending. Many trend-setting brands pleased bag-addicted women by adding huge oversized bags to their latest collections. And if you still don’t own one of those, we highly recommend you go for it. Hereu has some casual models you could use for everyday outings. Check out the Canvas Tote Bag Cala or the Tote bag Calella Raffia.

Midi skirts are essential closet staples for the spring-summer 2024 season, and we are glad to see your interest in these pieces. Keep up your styling work, and we are sending you our fashion vibes!