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Brushed alpaca topBrushed alpaca top
Brushed alpaca top Sale price€146,00 Regular price€240,00
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Square-neck ribbed top EVELINASquare-neck ribbed top EVELINA
Square-neck ribbed top EVELINA Sale price€109,00 Regular price€180,00
Merino turtleneck topMerino turtleneck top
Merino turtleneck top Sale price€179,00 Regular price€252,00
Short-sleeve poloneck top CEDRIK RWSShort-sleeve poloneck top CEDRIK RWS
Fringed vest top MATHILDEFringed vest top MATHILDE
Fringed vest top MATHILDE Sale price€237,00 Regular price€390,00
Cotton bodysuit ELNACotton bodysuit ELNA
Cotton bodysuit ELNA Sale price€170,00 Regular price€240,00
Short-sleeve topShort-sleeve top
Short-sleeve top Sale price€190,00 Regular price€275,00
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Polo blouse ERIKA CAVALLINI for womenEmbroidered poloneck blouse
Embroidered poloneck blouse Sale price€153,00 Regular price€306,00
Peplum-hem cotton blouseCotton blouse ERIKA CAVALLINI
Peplum-hem cotton blouse Sale price€145,00 Regular price€290,00
Assymetric blouse Erika CavalliniAssymetric cotton blouse
Assymetric cotton blouse Sale price€174,00 Regular price€348,00
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Printed t-shirt ERIKA CAVALLINI for womenText-printed cotton t-shirt
Text-printed cotton t-shirt Sale price€69,00 Regular price€115,00
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Striped short-sleeve blouseCotton poplin blouse ERIKA CAVALLINI
Striped short-sleeve blouse Sale price€194,00 Regular price€388,00
Square-neck linen short topSquare-neck linen short top
Square-neck linen short top Sale price€133,00 Regular price€190,00
Cross-back ribbed top MARIONCross-back ribbed top MARION
Cross-back ribbed top MARION Sale priceFrom €108,00 Regular price€216,00
Highneck ribbed top RONNIEHighneck ribbed top RONNIE
Highneck ribbed top RONNIE Sale priceFrom €95,00 Regular price€190,00
Cashmere hoodie FTC CASHMEREShort-sleeve cashmere hoodie
Short-sleeve cashmere hoodie Sale price€225,00 Regular price€450,00
Cashmere neckholder top FTC CASHMERENeckholder cashmere top
Neckholder cashmere top Sale price€117,00 Regular price€234,00
Cashmere ribbed top FTC CASHMERERibbed racerback top
Ribbed racerback top Sale price€115,00 Regular price€230,00
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Ribbed top ERIKA CAVALLINIAssymetric ribbed top
Assymetric ribbed top Sale price€115,00 Regular price€230,00
Assymetric ribbed topAssymetric ribbed top
Assymetric ribbed top Sale price€115,00 Regular price€230,00
Knitted vest ERIKA CAVALLINIKnit cotton vest
Knit cotton vest Sale price€121,50 Regular price€243,00
Sculpted tube topSculpted tube top
Sculpted tube top Sale price€145,00 Regular price€290,00
V-neck ribbed topV-neck ribbed top
V-neck ribbed top Sale price€179,00 Regular price€295,00
Poloneck longsleeve topPoloneck longsleeve top
Poloneck longsleeve top Sale price€179,00 Regular price€294,00
Knitted waistcoatKnitted waistcoat
Knitted waistcoat Sale price€232,00 Regular price€381,00
Cable knit crewneck sweaterCable knit crewneck sweater
Cable knit crewneck sweater Sale price€175,00 Regular price€350,00
Fine-knit poloneck top FREDDIEFine-knit poloneck top FREDDIE
Fine-knit poloneck top FREDDIE Sale price€308,00 Regular price€432,00
Dart fold cotton shirtDart fold cotton shirt
Dart fold cotton shirt Sale price€164,00 Regular price€324,00
Striped long-sleeve top ELLYStriped long-sleeve top ELLY
Striped long-sleeve top ELLY Sale price€118,00 Regular price€168,00
Fine-knit longsleeve topFine-knit longsleeve top
Fine-knit longsleeve top Sale price€143,50 Regular price€282,00
Fine-knit longsleeve topFine-knit longsleeve top
Fine-knit longsleeve top Sale price€143,50 Regular price€282,00
Highneck sleeveless topHighneck sleeveless top
Highneck sleeveless top Sale price€170,00 Regular price€279,00
Mockneck cashmere vestMockneck cashmere vest
Mockneck cashmere vest Sale price€145,00 Regular price€288,00
Wool sweater with logo pattern AERONAUTICA MILITARE for womenLogo-pattern roundneck sweater
Logo-pattern roundneck sweater Sale price€90,00 Regular price€225,00
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Roundneck wool sweater AERONAUTICA MILITARE for womenTwo-tone wool-blend sweater
Two-tone wool-blend sweater Sale price€90,00 Regular price€225,00
Highneck wool-blend sweaterHighneck wool-blend sweater
Highneck wool-blend sweater Sale price€90,00 Regular price€225,00
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Fleece sweatshirt with logo pattern AERONAUTICA MILITARELogo-pattern sweatshirt
Logo-pattern sweatshirt Sale price€55,00 Regular price€138,00
Wool sweater with logo pattern AERONAUTICA MILITARE for womenLogo-pattern highneck sweater
Logo-pattern highneck sweater Sale price€90,00 Regular price€225,00
Sweatshirt AERONAUTICA MILITARE for womenStitch-trim sweatshirt
Stitch-trim sweatshirt Sale price€60,00 Regular price€150,00
Sweatshirt AERONAUTICA MILITARE for womenFlock-trim interlock sweatshirt
Flock-trim interlock sweatshirt Sale price€82,00 Regular price€204,00
Roundneck cashmere vestRoundneck cashmere vest
Roundneck cashmere vest Sale price€156,00 Regular price€312,00
Cotton t-shirt AERONAUTICA MILITAREEmbroidered crewneck t-shirt
Embroidered crewneck t-shirt Sale price€30,00 Regular price€60,00
Cotton t-shirt AERONAUTICA MILITARERhinestone cotton t-shirt
Rhinestone cotton t-shirt Sale price€33,00 Regular price€66,00
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Cotton t-shirt AERONAUTICA MILITARELogo-pattern cotton t-shirt
Logo-pattern cotton t-shirt Sale price€48,00 Regular price€96,00
Rib-knit cashmere topRib-knit cashmere top
Rib-knit cashmere top Sale price€165,00 Regular price€236,00