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Article: Interview with Actress Saara Pius: Women who inspire

Interview with Actress Saara Pius: Women who inspire

Interview with Actress Saara Pius: Women who inspire


You probably already know Saara Pius, and if not, you will see her on popular TV shows and films in Estonia. Yes, she is a brilliant actress, a glorious singer, not to mention a devoted wife and caring mom.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we had the privilege of interviewing Saara about her deep dreams, motivations, source of inspiration, and dedication to natural beauty. We are inspired by Saara's experience and hope her story will inspire you as well.

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BEIGE | BROWN: Hi, Saara! Tell us a bit about your early years. As a child, did you ever dream of becoming an actor? And have those dreams become a reality in the way you always imagined they would?

Saara: In kindergarten, I had two dreams: to become a kindergarten teacher and win a beauty pageant. I didn't win any Miss titles, but I did get to perform on stage as an actress, which is sort of a dream come true in a funny way.

But speaking seriously, from a very young age, I always felt a special connection with performing. Despite being shy, I found myself enjoying it more than math. My family played a significant role in shaping my passion, as we went to watch many plays and musicals. I aspired to be on stage someday because all the actors seemed so talented and inspiring.

In secondary school, I joined a theater class, and my path naturally progressed from there. Although I believe that my dream has come true, I know that I still have a long and exciting career ahead of me.

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BB: Have you ever experienced a difficult moment in your career where the thought of giving up crossed your mind? What was it that motivated you to keep going despite the obstacles you faced?

Saara: There have been times when I've felt like leaving everything behind. But, most of the time, when things don't work out and I start to doubt myself, it's because I'm overwhelmed with too much going on and not enough rest or time for myself. During such moments, I tell myself, “Saara, stop! Let that thought go; tomorrow will be a better day.” And usually it is. Being able to tune myself in is crucial in such situations, and I'm grateful to have a caring husband who helps me calm down and stay grounded.

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BB: What empowers you to conquer your fears?

Saara: I am the type of person who embraces challenges. Generally, I am not afraid of much, but when it comes to work, I experience a mix of anxiety and excitement. Prior to going on stage, I often worry about whether people are expecting me to fail, but once I am on stage, the anxiety disappears and transforms into excitement. I believe it is important to live in the present and not worry too much. Additionally, when I am faced with a difficult moment at work, I imagine myself at home with my family, which helps me to cope.

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BB: Despite the ever-changing trends that come and go each week, how do you remain true to your genuine beauty?

Saara: I really appreciate authenticity and uniqueness. It disappoints me when people try to be someone they are not. Many young people write to me and ask, 'Saara, how can I be like you?' and I always respond, 'Don't try to be like me. I am already me. What's interesting is you. You can draw inspiration from me, but you are fascinating because there is only one of you in this world.' Finding yourself is a journey that requires growth, learning, and being a good and kind person. To me, that's the most important thing.

As for fashion, I don't follow trends all the time since they change so quickly. It's important to find your own style and sensibility — something that makes you feel beautiful. Don't limit yourself and discover what suits you and makes you shine.

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BB: What are your favorite and unfavorite daily looks?

Saara: As an actress, I am used to glamor all the time. Therefore, in my free days, I prefer to keep my look simple and comfortable. During the winter season, I usually wear jeans, chunky boots, and knitwear. In summer, my style is almost the same — jeans, sneakers, and hoodies. However, I can be both a powerful woman and a tomboy, and I enjoy embracing these different sides of myself.

BB: What is the quote that inspires you to keep moving forward?

Saara: “If there isn’t a way, I’ll make one.” I like to take action, be practical, and try more. Everything can be done if you believe in yourself.

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