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Article: How To Style Puffer Jacket

How To Style Puffer Jacket

How To Style Puffer Jacket

Written by Kateryna Lakomova

Puffer jackets often trigger skeptical comments and lots of doubts when it comes to fashionable clothing and styling. Too baggy, too bulky, shapeless, out of trend, and out of style. But these are only stereotypes, and in fact, down jackets are one of the most successful and long-lasting trends. The main point here is how to style a puffer jacket properly, because it is styling that makes the difference, and the key to an outstanding look is to style the outfit around the jacket, not vice versa. Puffer jacket outfits can be astonishing in their diversity and versatility. You can mix it in the common casual style or go experimenting and wear a puffer jacket on top of a classy dress. You will be surprised at how many interesting options you can find in this field. Let’s discover!

What is a puffer jacket?

Before going into styling details, it is necessary to understand what a puffer is. Also called a down jacket or quilted jacket, its main feature is a quilted design with puffy segments between the stitching. Puff is filled with either down insulation or synthetic fibers, both are relatively lightweight and provide enough warmth to protect even against the canada-cold weather. Although usually used as a part of sporty or casual styles, the truth is a puffer has endless potential and can be combined even with elegant evening dresses if styled with care.

Speaking about using a puffer jacket, we should make sure that we pick the one that will ideally fulfill our needs. And to pick one, we should be aware of their types as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

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Materials and features

Materials of a puffer define the best way to use it and also — to style it. These are the most common fabrics you will encounter when selecting a jacket:

  • Nylon: widely used for down jackets because of its strength and lightweight, nylon is quite thick and hard to ruin.
  • Polyester: breathable and light material that provides a lot of durability.
  • Mix of nylon and polyester: very tough combination, which makes a puffer almost perfect — it is super lightweight, breathable, but also unbreakable.
  • Fleece: often used for casual day-to-day puffers, they have a heavenly soft touch to the skin and provide a great deal of comfort and warmth.
  • Corduroy: simple and cozy, usually used for warmer weather.

These were the fabrics for the outer covering, but each puffer has a filling, and it also varies depending on the needed protection ratio.

  • Down fill: mainly feathers and down of duck or goose, lightweight and creates a huge amount of warmth.
  • Synthetic fill: lightweight and perfect for humid weather, as it doesn’t compress and perfectly keeps the body heat inside.

Types of puffer jackets for women

Considered to be versatile but baggy, puffers are usually worn as a last resort. Although greatly underestimated, down jackets are able to enhance any outfit. Puffer can easily become the main point of your look with its color accents or interesting shape.

A down jacket surely fits well with athleisure, but there is so much more it can give. Mixed with chic pieces and bold accessories, it adds a creative modern touch to your style. With all those diverse jacket designs it’s much easier to stay warm while being trendy.

Puffer jackets vary in cuts, material, colors, silhouettes etc. To find the perfect piece, we should go through the main puffer types:

Knee-length jacket

Minimalistic and unbelievably warm, it feels like you are still in bed and wrapped up in a duvet. It provides a great amount of insulation due to its length. The best option is to have it in neutral, simple shades and to combine it with skinny pants and oversized sweaters. If comfort and casualness are your priorities, then it’s your choice.

Short jacket

Not cropped, not long, but just right. This puffer reaches the hips and provides quite enough warmth to combine it with skirts and dresses. There are so many variations of short puffers that you will definitely find one to match your style. Bright neon colors or formal black, classy cuts or crazy design — here you can freely experiment and find the most fashionable outfit.

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Cropped puffer

The shortest version of a puffer, it can end right below your bust or be a bit longer to hit your waist. You should be careful with this one, as it leaves your belly and hips uncovered. Make sure to add more warm layers underneath or wear it when the temperature rises. A cropped jacket is a definite must for a bold outstanding look.

Belted jacket

If you are looking for a slim and neat silhouette, that should be your choice. By tightening the belt, you reduce the bulkiness, and your puffer will reach its maximum level of elegance. It mixes well with turtlenecks and skinny jeans, but it also works with all types of dresses. Belted puffers allow you to create smart sophisticated looks.

Hooded jacket

First of all, it’s practical, but it can also be quite pretty. The hood can match the jacket in color but can also be a contrasting detail. It could be made of the same material or even faux fur. Hooded jackets bring effortlessly stylish aesthetics to your outfit. Dress it up with your favorite sweatshirt and joggers, and you will be surprised at how trendy your activewear can become.

Color-blocking jacket

If you choose this one, style your outfit around it. It gives a nice base to experiment with different hues and geometric patterns. You can either pair it with neutral colors or blend the shades to achieve even more contrast. Who said that winter should be dark and gloomy? This puffer is going to break this statement.

Puffer parka

Parkas are usually longer and warmer than jackets. Parkas handle extreme cold much better, they are mostly hooded and sometimes lined with faux fur. Being from the same “family”, they also have lots of fashionable variations. When the temperature goes down and it’s canada-cold, parkas allow you to stay warm while being trendy.

Puffer vest

A good option for warmer days. You can layer your vest with any type of other clothing: sweater, turtleneck, shirt, or even a dress. It allows you to make a neater outfit that is less bulky and more adaptable to the weather. Combine your puffer vest with fleece or wool, and you will get the ideal layering for colder temperatures.

Oversized puffer jacket

Oversized clothing is by no means a well-established trend, and puffer jackets are not an exception here. Yes, they add volume to your outfit, but it is part of intelligent styling. Oversized jackets work well with skinny jeans or leggings, and knee-high boots. Choose a nice soft sweater to wear underneath, add a beanie and your favorite scarf, and voila — a smart-casual winter outfit is ready to rock the world.

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Puffer jacket outfit ideas

Puffer jackets are must-have wardrobe staples, known for being comfy, lightweight and extremely warm. Their characteristics made these jackets a number one choice during the winter, but looking beyond their practicality, we will see a piece of clothing with enormous fashionable potential. But how do you style a puffer jacket according to fashion trends? How to find your own personal and unique approach? Well, we’ve got some inspirational ideas for you. Either you are looking for a sophisticated classy look or you would prefer something more modern and daring, we’ve got you covered.

Belted jacket with straight jeans and cashmere beanie

The gold-detail belted jacket is a statement of luxurious modernity. Its restrained design, combined with a touch of gold, enhances any winter outfit. Mix with High rise straight RILEY LONG and Ribbed-knit cashmere beanie MARTIGNY to bring even more personality into this look. Straight black jeans will add a slight vintage feel as well as a touch of cozy intimacy. The versatility of this outfit will bring ease and stylish comfort to your day-to-day life.

Lightweight parka coat with leather trousers and alpaca knit

The black Lightweight parka coat BELLE COTE from Moose Knuckles is a perfect choice against frosty winter and freezing winds, while its minimalistic neat design defines it as a suitable fit for casual and elegant styling. To blend some interesting textures into this outfit, add a pair of straight-fit leather trousers and a brushed alpaca knit. Alpaca knit will brighten this smooth combination not only with its hue but also with a knitted pattern. With such an exquisite outfit, any cold is bearable.

Lightweight parka coat with cashmere trousers and textured cardigan

This outfit is an ensemble of lightness, comfort, and relaxation. Cashmere wide-leg trousers sofi with a relaxed fit are a timeless staple not only for your winter walks; they are a must-have piece for your indoor life as well. When you are in search of soft coziness, combine them with a textured roundneck cardigan and throw a white Lightweight parka coat BELLE COTE on top. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this outfit gives you a proper winter mood — a soft fabric touch to your skin and a hug of pleasant warmth. A quick run to the shop or a long walk in the park — this outfit will make every minute outside enjoyable.

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Metallic-finish jacket with cargo jeans and ankle leather boots

The Metallic-finish padded jacket BANKHEAD is ready to literally enlighten your busy working day. Its shiny appearance makes a bold statement and creates an aura of confidence and modernity around you. Add Wide-leg cargo jeans MINKA and finish this combo with ankle leather boots helia to create a futuristic ready-to-impress look. Be aware that the metallic coat will draw a lot of attention. Some trends are quite dazzling, but the impression is worthwhile.

Lightweight padded jacket with cashmere sweater and knitted beanie

Whether you are heading to the office or going to enjoy your evening walk, this versatile combination is a matching option for your day-to-day life. Put a Crewneck cashmere sweater RENSKE underneath a comfy Lighweight padded jacket BANKHEAD and embrace the warmth and coziness. Add a turn-up knitted beanie for extra protection and a stylish modern touch. The sophisticated simplicity of this outfit speaks for itself.

Hooded parka coat with cropped jeans and leather chealsea boots

This combination of practical pieces is a good choice for any occasion. The contemporary look of Straight cropped jeans RILEY suits well with the Leather chealsea boots BETHEL. Although cropped jeans have a cute ambience, black leather compensates it with the tough touch. Wear a Hooded down parka coat JOCADA on top and you will get a nice blend of effortless coziness with a taste of refined classics. Conquer the cold in flawless style.

Quilted down jacket with straight jeans and zipped knit balaclava

Elevate your style with the unique combination of the brown Geometric quilted down jacket ASTER and a Zipped knit balaclava KAIRO. Mixed together, these two pieces bring even more personality to your look. The modern street-style aesthetic of the knit balaclava, enriched with geometric quilted patterns, allows you to reach the highest fashion level while staying comfortable and warm. Add a pair of criss cross straight jeans to this ensemble and opt for some matching boots. A night out or an office day — this trendy combo will surely make you look fashion-forward wherever you go.

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Drawstring-waist puffer with knit sweatpants and high fur-lined sneakers

Incorporate a touch of coziness into your winter outfit with the sophisticated mix of a Drawstring-waist down puffer YARA and a pair of fine knit sweatpants. When you are up to keep as much comfort as possible but also care about staying stylish, this combination will give you both. And even more. Drawstring-waist puffer allows you to make a slim silhouette by adjusting the fit with strings. Being comfortable is everything here, so pair your look with High fur-lined sneakers MARAN FLASH and enjoy the utmost pleasure of relaxation.

Don’t underestimate a puffer jacket; gone are the days when a puffer was a mere necessity. Nowadays, down jackets are able to elevate your style and bring a contemporary look to new heights. And let’s not forget how much warmth they give us when the winter is in full swing.