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Article: How to Style Parka

How to Style Parka

How to Style Parka


Many fashion brands have added parkas to their winter collections, as they are the most warm and comfortable coats to endure the cold you can imagine. While being suitable for any hiking journey, parkas can also serve as our everyday urban outerwear. There are some confusions about when to wear a parka and how to style it properly, due to its entirely utilitarian past. Although nowadays, parkas can be found in such a huge variety to fit any porpoise and style that their part in a fashion life should be out of the question. They are in trend, and they will linger for sure, as there is no decent substitute. To give you some fashionable parka outfit ideas, we’ve gathered our timeless winter wardrobe staples in this article. When winter is thrilling, we highly recommend you consider a parka as your outerwear to complete your look with a coat as stylish as it is comfortable. An air of sophistication will encircle your day-to-day wardrobe if you make a parka coat its honorable member. Read further if you want to find out how to style your parka due to recent trends and stay toasty. Whether you are a fashion addict seeking inspiration or simply looking to upgrade your wardrobe, we are sure you will find something interesting for yourself.

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Choosing a parka

Parka made its way to numerous fashion brands' collections from the 17th century Arctic, where the Inuit people were making their coats from caribou and seal skin to protect themselves against the severe Northern weather conditions. They used to call their coats parkas, and as long as by that time their clothing was the most durable and warm, this word was taken to the English vocabulary to describe exactly the same thing—a long, durable, and warm coat. Nowadays, if a fashion house is calling their winter coat a parka, you can be sure that it is going to be as warm and practical as possible.

Choosing a proper parka to ideally fulfill your needs can be challenging due to the endless variety of shapes, hues, materials, and styles. At the same time, the more options you have, the better your chances are of hitting the perfect one. Firstly, parkas differ in length. They can be as short as to cover your hips; this variation is casual and versatile, works well for urban winter, and can be paired with lots of tops and bottoms. But sometimes we require more protection and warmth, and that’s when knee-length parka comes in handy. It has a minimalistic, plain silhouette, which allows you to pair it easily with countless styles. These types of parkas have neat and polished designs, which you can enhance by adding multiple layers and various accessories. Most parkas, short and long, are hooded and lined with faux fur.

To choose the perfect piece for your climate, pay attention to such features as temperature range, breathability, water repellency, wind resistance, type of fill, and fill power. It is easy to define the temperature range by the local approximate temperature during the winter, but other characteristics are more tricky. It is obviously good to have them all in one coat: breathable, water and wind resistant, with great fill power, but the truth is, they might not be necessary for your lifestyle. Water repellent materials are not needed for dry regions; breathability is not that vital if your lifestyle is not so active; wind resistance can be quite useful in areas with frequent gusts, like Iceland, but in most of the regions it is not necessary. Fill power is a feature you should look more closely at; it describes the quality and thickness of the item. Our parkas usually have 800 or above, meaning that they have high-quality down filling that provides a lot of warmth. Filling can also be synthetic, which, on some occasions, can be even better than down due to its lightweight and warm capture properties. 

Parkas also have different silhouettes and elements, like the number of pockets and their shapes, types of cuffs, lining, and faux fur. Some of them can be belted, and some are straight-fit. Some parkas are quilted, while others have a simple, smooth texture without any patterns. Quilting may have lots of different ornaments, from clear horizontal stripes to complex fluids. As you see, variations are countless.

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Best parka outfit ideas

When you’ve formed a perception of what the main features of your parka should be, it’s time to check out some timeless staples that we’ve carefully selected to give you some inspirational ideas. We’ve also picked some tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes to help you with styling your outerwear. They all share a casual and laidback appeal, so to suit everyday needs and most of the casual outfits. Snow would never ruin your joyful walk in a park if you would wear a hardy parka jacket. Shopping, hiking excursions, Christmas fares — every outing is more fun when you are not bothered by the cold. And what can be more pleasant than staying modish while holding on to the utmost comfort. And besides its acknowledged casual appearance, parka can fit even formal attire. Tailored suits and elegant dresses also pair well with long parka coats, allowing you to feel warm and comfy. If the weather calls for it, don’t hesitate to add a relaxing touch to your polished office outfit.

Black down parka with leather boots

Up to a modern street style outfit? Try mixing Gold-detail down parka WATERSHED with Leather chealsea boots BETHEL to have a strong point in your look. Meticulously designed to become your winter essentials, these versatile pieces will enhance your day-to-day look and give you a delightful feeling of comfort. Made from premium materials, they will serve you well and long, keeping your winter wardrobe trendy. Pair them with oversized bottoms and sweaters with a relaxed fit to stay warm and chic. Whether you are hitting the streets, attending meetings, parties, or just hanging out, this combo has got you covered.

Black parka coat with straight-fit leather trousers

Get ready to rock the streets! Black straight-fit leather trousers add a contemporary twist to any outfit, but when paired with a Lightweight parka coat BELLE COTE they create a look both modern and casual. Black leather adds a tone of boldness and a slight grungy feeling to the ensemble; it radiates confidence and undeniable charm. Your kicking outfit will become even warmer when combined with a soft knit and complementary accessories. A ribbed cashmere beanie and cashmere scarf would do the job and keep you toasty.

Fur-trim parka with highneck cashmere sweater

 Dark is not the only option for the winter color palette; light hues look extremely good and add a fresh feeling to your appearance. Fur-trim down parka SUNWAPTA from Moose Knuckles is a perfect example due to its smooth exquisite shade of light blue. It has a relaxed fit, which will allow you to layer it with different in-betweens, and a detachable hood lined with fur trim. As a suitable layer, we recommend a Highneck cashmere sweater HEIDI. Made from refined knitted cashmere, it has a minimalistic design and a versatile gray hue to match any apparel. This combination will make you look fresh and cool, but it will also keep you warm and cozy. If you are fashion-forward and simultaneously adore warmth, that’s your choice.

Gold-detail down parka WATERSHED

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Straight-fit leather trousers

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Lightweight hooded parka with high fur-lined sneakers

Another excellent match for the lightweight hooded down parka margaree is a pair of high fur-lined sneakers maran flash. Combined, they will have an outstanding sporty look with a touch of chic simplicity. This mix will perfectly complement your athleisure and sports wear. Either you will go for a quick run to the park or to a weekly meetup with friends, such an outfit will be the most comfortable option you could have. Not to mention how versatile it can be! Mingled with an oversized pair of jeans and a laconic cashmere sweater, this look will appear as a great example of effortless elegance.

Brown padded parka with wide-leg cargo jeans

Timelessly chic street style combination: brown Zipped padded parka coat PURIA with Wide-leg cargo jeans MINKA. If you want your look to have this specific contemporary vibe but also serve as protection against freezing temperatures, that’s your candidate. The deep brown hue of the parka complements the light blue jeans, making this combo as exquisite as it is comfy. Fresh colors, relaxed fit, comfort, and warmth — can there be something more appealing this winter? To reach an even better warmth level, toss a voluminous wool scarf over your shoulders and put on a sweet beanie.

Black padded parka with cashmere wide-leg trousers

The black Zipped padded parka coat PURIA is even more versatile than its brown variation. Made to fit perfectly with your leisurewear, it will create a good combo with Cashmere wide-leg trousers SOFI. To make a comfortable yet refined everyday look, pair them with an oversized cashmere sweater and a pair of high sneakers. When comfort is your priority but you care for a fashionable appearance, go for this mix. It is elegantly simple and offers a precious, soft touch to your skin.

Quilted black parka with knit cashmere scarf

This black Quilted hooded parka MANHATTEN has a unique quilted pattern all over the body, and when it comes to styling, you should make this pattern the main point of the look. You may add some colors or textures, but try to keep it minimalistic and discrete in order not to overload the picture. Knit cashmere scarf PARIS is a decent pair; it has a simple smooth texture and deep gray hue that will enhance the quilted theme. A pair of jeans or laconic trousers would make a great bottom, while a neat wool sweater will keep your chest warm. A pair of chelseas and a lovely beanie will complete this outfit with a subtle hint of lazy charm.

Lightweight parka coat BELLE COTE

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We hope that now you don’t have any doubts about parka’s fashion potential and limitless styling abilities. Both long and short, they play a crucial role on the fashion scene and in our everyday lives. By adding this timeless item to your winter wardrobe, you will expand your styling options, and soon you might find yourself wearing it every single day. Choose the one that matches your unique style and is made from the best material, as a parka can serve you for years if made well. You definitely want it to be a long-lasting piece, and we suggest you carefully go through the options and the parka’s characteristics. Don’t forget that you might not need all the benefits in your region, and some benefits can even become a burden due to your lifestyle.

We hope that our styling ideas were inspiring and helpful. Keep it chic and hold on to the heat.