Erika Cavallini: feminine silhouettes of Italian semi-couture brand

Italian clothing brand Erika Cavallini combines superb minimalism with thinking big. No small and insignificant details, only cuts and lines that really matter. They cultivate luxurious basic colors such as white, black, beige, and gray, and sometimes add unexpected vivid shades that make your wardrobe live. They play with gender attributes and loan masculine details as well as pinches of vintage for their modern and feminine collections.


The brand’s assortment includes all classical silhouettes with a unique touch. In their collections, you can find shorts and trousers, feminine dresses, attractive and cozy knitted sets, exclusively designed and empowering pantsuits, and minimalistic high-quality shoes. Nothing ordinary, it’s all about creativity taken to the next level. Erika Cavallini completes their design with luxurious fabrics. Their apparel is made of the finest cotton, linen, satin, and wool blends.  

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