Spring-summer trends 2022



Great news: top designers are not ready to let go of practical and widely loved bermuda shorts. They take the iconic item and take it to the next level. Now men wear bermuda shorts not only because they’re comfortable, but also because they’re trending right now!


Men’s cardigan: it is so retro but also so avant-garde. Take the classical idea, choose the design you like, and make it a signature piece of your wardrobe.


The current season is free of any stereotypes and limitations. Gentle colors are an essential part of men’s wardrobe today. Enjoy all shades of pink - peach and rose, soft coral, dusty pink, bubblegum pink… You name it!


If you want a jacket, but you don’t want a boring one with a familiar cut, discover other models that are worth your attention. Varsity jackets are just as practical, but create much more versatile associations and awaken the imagination. Which one reflects you the best: pilot jacket, bomber jacket, sailor coat?


If you are a modern man - dynamic, busy, fast - then you need to match your wardrobe to your lifestyle. Nothing compares to the comfort and impressive style of sportswear. Moreover, sportswear like track trousers can be easily combined with your other casual clothes to achieve an effortless and contemporary look.


Green color is a thing this spring season! It reminds of nature, it is practical and full of energy. Аlso, it diversifies any look if you are tired of pale and neutral colors. The pallet of greens is huge, just choose the one that reflects your spring mood the most!