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Article: Interview with Liis Taras: When Fashion Meets Art

Interview with Liis Taras: When Fashion Meets Art

Interview with Liis Taras: When Fashion Meets Art

Liis Taras is an art teacher and an enthusiastic freelance interior-stylist, whose Instagram account is both a source of inspiration for the public and an expression of her passion for style and interior design.

We were happy to take a look at Liis’s sophisticated home and talk to her about the things we love: fashion, art and life values, which are all deeply interconnected.

BEIGE | BROWN: Hey, Liis! Tell us a little bit about your background.
Where you are from, who you are and what you do.

Liis Taras: I’ve grown up in Rapla. After high school, I came to Tallinn to study for an art teacher. Then I met my future husband and two kids. I work as an art teacher, content writer, and freelance interior design stylist.

BB: Art makes you question things, the sublime and the mundane. Being an art teacher, is there one thing that has radically changed how you live and understand the world?

Liis: It’s hard to pinpoint one particular thing. Still, mainly art has taught me the plurality of opinions, the fact that there is always more under the surface than we expect (search for hidden agenda), and critical thinking. Humanity left us with so many answers throughout art history. Knowing the background helps us put together our worldviews.


Liis Taras in BEIGE BROWN outfitDagmar's outfit by BEIGE BROWN


BB: It seems like you are very invested in interior design as well. You’re in the process of renovating your country house. What keeps you going (inspiration-wise), and how has it been?

Liis: My inspiration comes from the desire to create the most beautiful home for my family. I think inspiration is everywhere around us, so it’s difficult to highlight one thing. Inspiration comes from nature, people, social media, exhibitions… But my biggest drive is to create a home for my family where it’s nice to be.

BB: Through our wardrobes, we can truly be creative. That's one of the many reasons there's a deep connection between fashion and art.  Does your background as an art teacher help you with your fashion choice? How has your style changed throughout the years, and what is it now?

Liis: Certainly, studying and teaching art has given me a general sense of composition. I follow some rules that also apply in art. Through the years, my style has changed from bohemian to simpler, more comfortable, and minimalistic.


BEIGE BROWN's leisurewear outfit by Lisa YangLisa Yang & Citizens of Humanity outfit by BEIGE BROWN


BB: You once mentioned that you always critically review your wardrobe and rarely welcome newcomers. What’s the deciding factor for choosing new pieces? Is it quality, the story behind it, the name, trends, etc.?

Liis: I have to feel like myself and be comfortable in the clothes. This feeling is the single and most important aspect for me.

BB: With everything that’s going on, what makes you happiest these days?

Liis: The most fundamental things: are family, health, and freedom.

BB: What’s your favorite quote?

Liis: “Stop looking for perfection, as you will never find it.” 

Salvador Dali’s favorite quote frees us from the pressure and tension of modern life, from having to be perfect in your work and family, from having to do sport, be wealthy, look flawless… We can’t reach it all at once. If we acknowledge it, then life is much more cheerful.

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